Mistake if facebook connect to instagram?

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There’s nothing wrong with connecting your Facebook account to your IG account. That captcha +verification issue happens to accounts that don’t have connected FB account as well. Just wait 24 hours, then try to log in again. If your account gets disabled you can try to submit an appeal through this form https://help.instagram.com/contact/1652567838289083.

a lot of times your account won’t get disabled or move away from this screen for days, I still have 1 stuck for over 20 days now (throwaway account). The way to go about this would be to still submit an appeal and keep doing it until you’ll get the acc back.

Definitely keep trying on regular intervals (once a day, every 2 days, week, etc) if you do the above suggestions and fail to recover. Keep in mind, the people reviewing & recovering may be lazy & will drop the low hanging fruit who doesn’t try.