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What kind of services do you offer?
Here at we are focused on Instagram engagement-related services.

What is the delivery speed?
Usually, services start in 5-15 minutes later of the order received. In case of heavy system workload - orders go into a first-come, first-served basis.

What is the drop rate?
We do not offer ghost services, that’s why you can be sure 98% of interactions (likes, views and so) will stay on your profile forever.

What is drip-feed?
The drip-feed option allows to split your order (actions) across any particular interval: hour, day, week, and so on.

Do you provide auto services (interactions)?
Yes, within the subscription model. Just set the order once and get interactions (likes, views and so) every time you post anything into your profile.

Are you a reseller?
We are the first line provider. We do not resell someone’s services.

Is it possible to become your reseller?
We are open to collaboration and may offer API access to connect your panel.

How to test your service?
Signup at and post your username with a trial request here at MPsocial thread.
We will add some funds to your profile to test our service.



Thread approved.

As part of the review, @Verona provided me a service.
I ordered likes for 3 posts, 1000 on each. Service works as described, even over-delivered a little bit. Profiles used to give likes were looking good, all had profile pictures and posts, so everything looks really natural.

The delivery time was almost instant, but you also have the option to drip-feed likes.
All in all, good service.

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Hello, can likes be segmented by country?

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What’s the maximum number of likes we can order, can we go up to 10k of likes per post?

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Many thanks for the approval and for the review.

Hi, folks :wink: We are proud to offer our Instagram SMM panel.
If you were looking for the quality engagement-increases services - you are exactly here.

Every single service which you order at by default increases your reach and impressions, as it must be
For anyone who wants to test this service for free, just sign up at and post your username here

Hi, @Juliannua. Its a superb question.
We can implement some new features, but could you pls let us know how the country segmentation should work?

We always increasing our capability to provide more and faster interactions.
The max number of likes or views daily per post - could be found at the service description here, link

Anyway right now our main focus is quality over the quantity, namely order delivery may take some time, but the main feature of our panel is: interactions will never drop from you Instagram.

If so, could you choose that the likes were people from Germany, for example?

May I have a trial? I created an account, username: IGsocialize


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Trial please, username: superior
Much Appreciated!

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Probably, cuz the question is still here, how to identify the people are exactly from Germany? Only by its IP, i guess.
Anyway thanks for the idea, we will think about

Hello Verona, I do not understand well sorry.

The question is: if you can segment the likes by country ?, but you ask me how to do it?

The service is sold by you not me hahahaha.

In the automatic drip can I choose how many likes per photo per day per hour?

No worries :wink: I mean we will figure out what we can do.
For the drip-feed option - you can set the intervals in minutes and the number of likes to receive per interval

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Thanks for the request
Trial funds have been added

I don’t think it is serious given the prices of any of the packages, anyone can delivery 500 likes, so basically it is not a trial as I won’t be able to reach to any conclusion.

Maybe you just made a mistake???

Thanks for your response.
The trial is made to provide a user opportunity to test a service for free.
With the small test funds amount you may check the quality of accounts (type and filling) you get likes from, delivery speed, the drip-feed options, and the main thing - interactions never drop - its the main options, aren’t?
In case you need some more volume test - let us know

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I will check them due to your good response, thanks!

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In a rush, we absolutely forgot about the review copies :upside_down_face:
So, we would like to offer 10 X Review copies

To request a review copy, pls sign up at and post your username here, then we will add $25 to your balance to be able to test any service we offer in our panel.

Thanks and have a good weekend


would like a review copy. username swig2020


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Generous review copies, nice :slight_smile:

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