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Hello, all members of MPSOCIAL,

We have been in the social media industry for almost 6 years. We are a reliable supplier providing high-quality followers and likes on Facebook and Instagram in Asia. Today, we are introducing a new business opportunity to help you proxy issues at a low cost for your business.


The default is 30 minutes, or you can use the API link to rotate it.


Username: Password



Taipei City

Taichung City




Taiwan Mobile

Private Social Media - Access to social media websites Expect for all payment systems

IP Type: IPv4 & IPv6 (HTTP & Sock5)

Basic Plan : 3 Mbps – 30 Mbps | Price: $30/month. Avenge $15 per 1 mobile proxy

Pro Plan : 20 Mbps – 30 Mbps | Price: $35/month. Avenge $17.5 per 1 mobile proxy

Features: We offer 2 IPs, both IPv4 and IPv6. While IPv6 has limited support on some websites, but seamlessly on Facebook and Instagram. This means you only pay $30 to get 2 IPs for these platforms, or you can check if your website supports IPv6. We exclusively provide private IPs, ensuring you are the sole user of this 4G/Mobile Proxy line.

For Basic Plan - it runs smoothly at 100% efficiency on APIs or some low-traffic websites.

For Pro Plan – Users may use it on some high-traffic websites.

Payment Options:

Stripe, USDT (TRC20, ERC20, BEP20)


What is IPv6?

In residential and data centers using IPv6, we often face unexpected restrictions. However, on mobile proxies, IPv6 has no such limits. Countries worldwide are switching to IPv6 because of the shortage of IPv4. You’ll notice IPv6 frequently on mobile phones, making everything more reasonable. That’s why our business heavily relies on mobile IPv6, and we’re seeing great results on Facebook and Instagram.

How many social media accounts can I run on these proxies?

In our experience, we have successfully run 50k accounts using 500 mobile proxies (IPv4 & IPv6) with missions/threads set at 500, and this has been running perfectly for the past 3 years.

Why is the mobile proxy important?

Mobile proxies address is typically difficult to flag. However, they may encounter temporary bans if misused during account activities.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, we provide a 24-hour trial. Request a trial on this thread by stating “I want to try it - Basic or Pro plan”

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, you can request a discount on this thread by stating “I want a discount.”

We offer all MPsocial Members a 20% discount for all plans!

Refund Policy:
24 hours Money back without reason

Telegram: @proxyground

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For all MPSocial Members, we have a special offer 20% discount .

Welcome to try our proxy!!

I want to try it

Hey Bro , Please check your PM!

Many customers have been messaging me asking why our 4G proxies are so cheap and whether there might be any issues. We are the largest network provider in Taiwan, with deep partnerships with the top three mobile network providers in the country. We procure cards in bulk and distribute them in bulk, which gives us a significant pricing advantage.

Regarding the geographical location of our proxies, Taiwan ranks among the top ten countries globally in terms of technology exports. It is home to renowned brands like ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, and TEAM.etc(too many brands), and houses manufacturing facilities for AMD and NVIDIA chips. Thus, Taiwan is a well-known hub in the tech industry worldwide.

As for our company’s development, we were established in 2015 and have primarily focused on Instagram and Facebook as our avenues for growth. Aside from handling clients’ social media promotion needs, we also organize a range of marketing activities.

testing quota update:
Basic plan: 10
Pro Plan: 12

welcome to contact our telegram for the test! For free!!!

Pro Plan is currently unavailable.
There are only a few Basic Plans left.

Thank you all of your support!

Due to popular demand, PRO PLAN has added multiple production lines.

Welcome to contact our telegram and test it!

All IPs have been sold. A new batch of IPs will arrive on May 5th.

Pro Plan and Basic Plan all available now