Mobile accounts, phone verification loop? solution?

as of today, every time I log into a account on my mobile devices i’m greeted with a phone verification block and each account gets this every time I switch over to a different account and then switch back, some accounts get it 2 minutes after I just verified the account, using “getsmscode” and using “uk” numbers, getting really frustrating any help would be much appreciated, thanks

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Is not really a good choice, but might work.

To clarify, you are doing this on your smartphone?

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thanks for your response, well, 5 on my iphone, 5e on ipod touches, ipads, iphones non cellular

And those are all linked to you correct? If yes, I need to admit that I never saw/heard of such behavior. But on the other hand I do not use Instagram on my phone :frowning:

Yes all accounts are mine, Simply smaller accounts all sending people to the larger one. biggest one doesnt follow/unfollow so never gets blocked, these accounts just consistently want phone verification almost every login and its absurd once a week/month tops. would you know anyway to fix this?

Since I rarely/never use Instagram on a real device, I am sadly not of a lot of help here. Lets hope someone can give his expertise.

So you’re basically doing M/S technique? Could you share results/details.

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What is the m/s techique? can you elaborate? thanks

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Mother slave. Basicallly multiple slave accounts drive traffic to mother account. It can be set up in many ways for example creating multiple “Fan Page” accounts that repost content from mother account and drive people to follow the mother account aswell.


When working correctly, avg 400/500 followers daily to the main. tons of comments, likes etc. accounts range 3/10 followers per follow of 240 followed people per account x 80 accounts daily before action blocked phase, now I was doing it for 2 hours a day 30 accounts and getting 200 followers per day. but very happy interactive followers, good stuff. still works fantastic I just have to triple the account count to make up for the follow loss. only thing I really need is that phone verification loop gone and the sky is the limit. I run no proxies, all manual, all under wifi/vpns no bans, some of the brand new accounts get lost but if they make it to 400/500 follows theyre generally free.

Let me see if I’m getting this correct: So you’re doing everything by hand? :flushed:

You just have multiple devices and switch accounts once you’ve followed x amount of people?!

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Seems those accounts are all linked together by IG.

Precisely. its really not that hard. 3 iphones, 2 ipod touches, 2 ipad, 2 not 8 roughly 50 accs there, takes 2/3 mins each account. follow off celebrity likes, so the audience is already engaging. biebs, lele, ariana, jenners, etc. works extremely well for my niche.

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anyway to unlink accounts and keep them that way?

When they are linked together by IG no chance. You have to be very carefull at the creation process and how you handle accounts. How many IP adresses are you using for how much accounts?

to honest 1, my home ip. these accounts are a year old each, never had any issues like this until recently after the account action blocks update. they all needed pva once and never asked again for a year. had 100 accs, no issues. still no issues besides the pva bullsht everytime I log in to them

You are using 100 accounts on your home IP? :frowning:

But you know that running all those on your home IP might be the issue causing the PV?

(PVA means Phone Verified Account)

how could I possibly change this? at least try, factory reset all devices and apply vpns?

exactly, no bans yet, over a year, just pva