Mobile automators - can IG detect root phone + IMEI changer?

Stuff like if my Device ID gets banned i dont have to throw away the phone

Will root phone / IMEI change / device ID changer be detected?

There is not something like ‘banned phone’.

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depends on how you change your IMEI and device ID, as there are many ways to do so and one method is different than the others

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Instagram doesn’t check your IMEI (yet).

Agree with it. and if the acc is banned in one phone, it can not be used anymore.

All social medias especially IG are checking system information like root access status, present country, location spoofer apps or mock location apps, Installed vpn certificates, touch interactions etc… so I am not saying there is no way to hide real information but it’s little hard and you will need very special tools to randomise and mock these data to IG when requested.

That’s why iPhone has fewer limitations compared to android, while android is great with automation, the app is able to detect if it is rooted or not

Root is detected. IMEI can’t be read without “phone” permission.
Factory reset shoud give you “new phone”

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I don’t think social media platforms restrict rooted phones as of now. I only normally see that on bank/banking applications

not restrict but still might lead to block or so (I GUESS)

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They don’t restrict actually. They just silently monitor those accounts for spamming activities.

Which mobile automators would you recommend?

me :wink: working flawlessly now on real mobiles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

however I asked this question because I wanted to know if there was a possibility of a phone being blacklisted by IG.

I know in the days of Jarvee, one would Reset Device ID as every now and then hard blocks would occur and essentially even if you waited 2 weeks, you would still get blocked

it seems with real mobiles (not emulators), this is different

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Yeah, this is probably correct.