Mobile Device Sync Output?

If I allow IG to sync with my mobile device contacts, it will locate their IG accounts using phone or email address. Does anyone know of a way to create a CSV of the found accounts?

I don’t think is possible.
But once you follow them with Jarvee you can export the as csv file


That’s exactly what I was going to suggest lol. That’s the easiest way to do it.
The only down side is that if a user is private and they don’t accept your request, then you won’t be able to export it using Jarvee

Forgive me because I am new to the software… But how can jarvee follow them? If the user list is “stuck” inside my account on the contacts area, how will it know where to look?
Is there some sort of find by email function built in that I’m not aware of?

you can still extract the private ones who didn’t accept the request.
Go to “Unfollow” tab then check “Specific users” and click “Extract pending friend requests” :sunglasses:


Follow them manually, then extract with Jarvee :slight_smile: That’s the only solution here.

Wow! How could I have missed that setting? Thanks so much, I was actually looking for this the other day :hugs:

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