Mobile proxies — testers needed!

Hey there!
I develop a brand new service that provides high quality mobile proxies.
Looking for beta testers to get some very first feedback.
Location: USA, west coast
It’s totally FREE, the goal here is not to sell, but to get your feedback and build a really good service.

I’m new here and looks like I cannot send private messages, and I’m not sure can I post my skype publicly here or it’s against the rules?



Hey im down i need west coast usa proxies

How to contact privately here on this website?

my skype is yungcaddy

Im up for testing some proxies

I am Interested.

I’m interested to test the proxies.

Interested! Let me know next steps

hey i would love to test the proxies

Not interested in testing - but will definitely be interested in buying some if all the reviews are good! We have some US based clients that are a real pain in the ass with the non US based proxies!

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Guys, please send me your telegram / skype in PM, I will contact you.
I’ve reached some limit and cannot send more PMs for today, unfortunately.
But I’m so glad for such rapid feedback, I love this community!

I would love to test them out for sure… Hit me up


Sign me up for a test…had it planed anyways :slight_smile:

I would love to test them out for sure… Hit me up, lets do it!

i need to test and buy

@nulldaybro very interested. I can provide you with good feedback :sunglasses: telegram: @kyletartaglia

Also interested, but not for testing. If you get this set up and the feedback is good, I’d be keen to try these for my US-based clients.

hey I am in…let me know how to start.
All best

I am in Los Angeles and would be interested in learning more.

still need? I am in usa