Mobile proxy ban creating acc

Hey guys,

I got my own 4g proxy server, and thats my option to create new accounts.
i rotate the ip every x seconds to create a new account. Well the software is telling me that IG refuse my ip due its flaged or banned. it can be possible? Its my own 4g sim card data and still there is a new ip every x second… It can be related with something else?


what sofware? can you create an acc using a browser to test?

I only know of a few companies that offer this.

Offer what? :slight_smile:

A server with a 4 G connection. It’s used for marketing.

The problem is the software.

you dont even know what software he is using :rofl:


Proxy software, duh :roll_eyes:


I guess he is using IGcreator or Igramtool.

Dam is about my proxy, some how is not rotating… im looking into. :frowning:

Lol it doesnt work even with browser :wink: