Mobile Proxy from Sim Card?

Hi Everyone,

Still get some temp blocks from J, will look into changing proxy providers.

However I do have a question, is it possible to just buy a new number/monthly sim card, pull the ip from that and input into the trusted proxy manager? I can find cheap sim cards brand new and seeing that say for each phone you can host 5 accounts. It will be a good 1:4 or 1:5 ratio.

Is this possible?

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Take a look into that, with this app it’s possible for everyone. For this you will need the Sim Card attached to a cheap smartphone, so when working with a lot of accounts modems would be more efficient for sure.

But to answer your question, yes it’s possible. I did it successfully with my home IP and use it now as a residential proxy in the software and it took my few minutes to set it up.

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Pretty sure you can achieve this with a 4g dongle/modem on a linux system, there are some tutorials on BHW


That will take some time to understand and put into practice in the first place but yes, this will be the more efficient way in the long run.

Hi Roy,

Thanks for the help!!!

I read the article and from my understanding:

Basically, I have old samsung phone, input new sim, download app, get proxy of sim from app, input into proxy manager = using mobile sim proxy? Will that phone need be on at all times? Im guessing my theory of 1:4 users for each proxy is sufficient?

Many thanks!

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Thanks Mastema,

Will look into this as well! For the 4g dongle, seems quite straightforward, insert sim and go. Have you do this before? And with these would you still recommend a 1ip:4user ratio? If so, for like 20 clients, Ill need 4-5 dongle sticks?

Sorry for all the questions thanks for helping Mastema! Appreciate it

Yes, that is how it works. It’s very simple. For experimenting with the own proxies for the first time it’s definitely the best way to do it. When you set up the server in “allproxy” make sure to change it from “” to “” as the default conn2 is a China based one and has some restriction because of the government.

It works like a raw mobile proxy. How many accounts you plug in is up to you and how you run them (simultaneously or in shifts). The best is try it out slowly add the accounts to it. Anyways, I think with 4 you should be very fine.

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For clients I would not connect more than 5 accounts to one raw mobile proxy. For other accounts I would go up to 10 max (simultaneously).

When the number of actions is the same, there is technically (api calls) no difference between client accounts and other ones. But since blocks are hurting more on client accounts, I would generally keep the number lower to be on the safe side.

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