Monetization Method Recently hit 10k on Instagram

So guys recently i hit the 10k followers on my Instagram theme page but I don’t know how can I monetize it i know about shoutouts but I don’t get it too often if any of you have any idea please help?

Plus i look into my competitors they are selling stuff like t shirts or phone cases so is this possible to do with mobile phone as I don’t have laptop or computer.

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What niche are you in?
How many likes do you get on average per post?
How many views on each story do you get on average?
What are the demographics on the account?

Shoutouts come down to the quality of followers and the engagement.

You can follow bigger pages that do lots of promos and dm the promo pages, you can also look up hashtags or shopify stores and dm/ email people that may be interested.

Shoutouts can only make a decent amount of money if your account is huge or you’re famous. Otherwise its just extra money here and there.

I run lots of 10k accounts and a 165k account.


Thanks buddy
Yeah i looked into my competitors they aren’t doing or maybe they are not getting shoutout offers i think
They are more focused on selling stuff
Most of my posts hit the explore page so i am getting good amounts of like on my posts

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You can try sell affiliate things. But it all comes down to engagement. If you are only getting 100-200 likes and 1000 story views then it will be rough.

Likewise if your followers are mostly Indian and you are trying to sell more expensive good you won’t sell.

Big part is engagement and demographics.