Monetize with Paid Per Post


I chose a different business model :rofl:


What’s the best one that can suit an account for example with less than 10k i know it depends on many things but there is probably one that work more on a number of follower than another


I think it’s pretty awesome
I have tested out many platforms but Brandbassador is by far the best

You can do “missions” which can earn you Money, Free products or Gift Cards
There are plenty of brands where you can apply to become their brandbassador, I have been accepted by 90%
Then you can choose one of their missions, could be something like “post a picture of your favourite XY product” and then you do it and earn money
Also you gain an affiliate link and discount codes for every brand so you can also gain money if someone buys a product after using your link/code

I am using it and here’s is my link if you’re interested in joining (or just use the non afiliate link above)

Downside is: The minimum payout is 50$


Target big brands with big marketing budgets only. Fuck the smaller ones. That’s when you get paid big time.


The problem here is that you’re asking first.

Whenever you go to a brand, they get to pick the terms and you get a cut of each sale, because that’s always ROI positive for them.

Whenever they come to you, you get to pick terms and ask for a payment for the post, because that’s always ROI positive for you.


Reach out to these exact brands through these influences post. If you think they are getting paid by the brand, there is a high possibility the brands are willing to pay you too😉


It’s difficult to get sponsored by a bigger brand tho


Of course it’s difficult to get paid under 50K followers because there are so many micro influencers doing it for free in exchange for XY random sample product, which of course they don’t need, but they have to play the role of influencer to their audience… even if you are professional photographer and you provide real value with end result you have to explain the self explanatory to the brands.

One recently told me that they have to be fair with the rest of the influencers of the same reach as me. Which translates to: ok she deserves it, we see that, but what happens if the other micro hear about this and they all ask money??!!!


You try aliexpres affiliate , or u make your own store and start dropshipping, its easy , if you can get traffic from your BIO , dont forget to Choose product depending to your niche and


What is your niche and followercount?


gaming less than 20k


20K isn’t really that many


That’s why in this account i prefer to focus on shoutout monetization