Monetize with Paid Per Post

I want to do brand deals with my account but problem is that every brand i contact only offers affiliate program and i am more interested into the pay per post rather than Payed by sell
Do i have to get some specific amount of followers then brands will be okay or it’s just about every brand and how it operate
Also how can i find easily brands that provide this type of offer (paying you for posting not for selling) Is there a method or a platform that provide that ?

You know what the issue is, most brands already avoid doing Paid Pay Post as it drains their money. Ask yourself honestly - how many products will your post sell for them? If the answer is 0, then you know the reason why they don’t want that. If on the other hand you know you can sell a couple of their products, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t accept their affiliate offer.

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There are a number of influencer network sites that try to pull together influencers and brands on a pay per post type model.

I’m not totally sure how well it works out for the influencers - or the brands! - but they do exist so they may be a place to start investigating to see what their requirements are on potential influencers.

Some examples are:

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Because the payout on affiliation is to low in comparison to a sponsored post

Paid per post is only going to work when you have reached a good amount of followers with a good engagement rate

If you have 10K followers and 1 comment under your picture then it’s clear that your followers are not engaged with your content, thus, brands won’t pay you to post

If you have 50K+ with good engagement then things look differently
Brands are looking for social media influencers to raise awareness of their product. So they are definitely willing to do it

Also, there are apps like Brandbassador which connect you to brands and offer paid per post
If you’re interested I could give you an invite via my affiliate link
here is their website (non affiliate)

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Yes i totally agree with that i always wondered why everyone think that brands want only sells yes thy want sells but also they want to have a good brand awareness and get more followers on their own accounts… And if you can provide it then it’s all good

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Right, most people don’t really understand how advertisements work
They think that it’s only good to advertise if you can make sales immediately but this is not true for bigger brands
It’s more important to have a good image of their brand in your subconsciousness. Meaning that some day you might all of a sudden want to drink a Red Bull and you don’t really know why. Oh right, all the CSGO players were drinking it during the Major :wink:

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To be honest this is probably more rare than you think, my man.

Businesses want a clear ROI (Return On Investment).

“Brand awareness” is the type of thing that only BIG companies can really afford to do, because it costs millions upon millions of dollars before it’s even going to make a difference.

Companies like Coke can throw that kind of money around to stay top-of-mind… but a business earning $10k per month needs to stay tight and focused with their marketing money.

Smaller businesses and even mid-sized businesses that know what they’re doing generally don’t care about brand awareness.


Yeah small brands don’t have the money to do it, that’s right
Still, if you have tons of followers then you definitely can ask to be paid per post

If you have under 50K followers this will be difficult tho

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True , so what’s the solution then ? Contact small brands and do some affiliates with them because i see some little influencer doing sponsored posts of little companies with just link to the account of the company and i think they still get paid for doing only that

Brandbassador looks like a pretty dope platform man, thanks for linking!

I’ve been looking into influencer marketing and seeing how this whole game works. Seems like there are quite a few platforms that aim to connect influencers with brands, but Brandbassador is gamifying it.

Do you use it man? What are your thoughts on its usefulness?

Totally agree that smaller brands don’t have the money to use paid posts for building their brand - they are definitely expecting an immediate ROI from a single post.

The bigger the brand, the more they are willing to invest in social media marketing. Very small brands (I’m thinking brand new shopify store owners and the like) expect to pay a few dollars for a post and get multiple sales immediately. Sadly it just doesn’t work like that - even with accounts with many tens of thousands of followers.

I have personally had better success with bigger brands who actually have a marketing budget to spend on social media.


Well, you can still sell it to smaller brands/businesses if you’re good with sales/persuasion.

Especially wannabe “influencers” who are only focused on popularity rather than ROI.

It’s just that if you’re trying to sell to a business, you need to speak their language.

If it’s the kind of business run by someone who’s specifically looking to grow their brand and they aren’t expecting a clear, measurable ROI in the short term, then they might be open to being sold on sponsored posts. Otherwise it’ll be harder to sell.

So in other words you want to become an influencer? :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with @andbogi and others. Unless you can show them that you get legitimate results with your methods, it’s a waste of money & time for them to even entertain a conversation with you on the matter.

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Yeah exactly. It all depends on what they’re looking for and what you can provide.

The majority of businesses are really looking for something direct, measurable and focused, like Facebook ads.

“Brand awareness” is too abstract for them to know if it’s worth the investment.

I was talking to a dropshipping store owner a few days ago, and he was saying he needs to get his sales back up with Facebook ads first before coming back to growing his Instagram. And I don’t blame him.

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So what’s the solution instead ? Just use affilate or is there something else?

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Put together legitimate tests which prove that you can add value. Any brand with common sense will be able to see that you can in fact add value, which is more than most influencers have to offer besides their follower count (which is fake most of the time). Influencer marketing is very valuable when it’s to a real, relevant audience and cleverly planned. Unfortunately, most of the time it isn’t either of those things.


So i just have to be more persuasive messages to convince them even if they are mini brands with less than 5k followrrs on their insta account ?

It really comes down to this:

What do they want?
Can you deliver what they want?

If there’s a match between what they want and what you can provide, you’re in a good position to convince them. Otherwise you’re trying to fit a round key into a square hole.

Yep agree with that so what do you do instead if they don’t do sponsor you ?