Monetizing a meme account?

Hey guys,

New to the forum, but I’ve been immersing myself in old threads both here and in BlackHatWorld.

I have a old meme/comedy account that originally had 300 “ghost” followers on it. Dusted it off recently and within the past week, I’ve managed to gain around ~500 real/engaged followers through MP, with around 100-150 likes on each photo as well as a decent amount of comments. All of the stuff I put up is original content, no reposts etc.

I have a long way to go and a lot to learn before I make money on IG, but I’d love to be prepared to supplement my income if I ever have the opportunity to do so.

A couple questions for you guys:

  • Is that a realistic goal within my niche?
  • What strategies might you guys recommend? Is selling shout outs feasible?
  • If it is possible, how large would you recommend one’s following be before attempting to monetize?

Sorry if this is a bit vague. Really like the community here, super helpful and honest. Don’t be afraid to give me a virtual battering if I asked stupid/unreasonable questions.

Thanks for reading!


I honestly think that meme accounts are very hard to monetize unless it’s a very specific meme accounts.

Example of a very specific niche is a gym meme account. Where you post gym related meme and those who follow you will be interested in gym related products. That way you can find gym related products to promote or offer those accounts shoutouts.

If you have a general meme account then it will be very hard for you to find ways to monetize the account.

Just my 2cents thoughs. I wish you all the best.


I agree with this. I’ve seen cases of successful monetized meme accounts in more specific niches.

I always build my accounts with a monetization method pre-selected before hand and build the targeting and posting for the account around what I know will make money.

That said, I do think it’s possible. I have a general meme account just for fun. Haven’t been able to make anything with it.

If you can find what works for you, that’s awesome! Don’t be afraid to try it out anyways!

Given that my accounts are built around the method I always monetize before 1k followers right after I warm them up. I’m not sure the size of the account matters too much. Probably varies niche to niche though.

Good Luck!

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Good point! Thanks for the reply man.

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Thanks for the info man!

Might attempt to link it to an etsy shop I have, maybe do a giveaway/promo. I wanna do it in a tasteful way. Definitely don’t want scare away my followers who are only in it for the dank maymays.

Try learn about “Barrier of entry” for initial step when create the business :slight_smile:

It’s very high BoE for monetize the meme niche, is like compete 9gag or etc.