Monetizing a quotes account?

Inspired by another thread on here, is it possible to monetize a quotes account? I post all sorts of quotes.

I have about 13k followers, and get about 5-6k likes each post.

sell t-shirts with the quotes on, or mugs :slight_smile:

Creativity goes a long way when trying to monetize anything.

Here’s an idea:

Start a Non-Profit Orgranization that gives money to a note-able cause and put the link in the bio.

Start inspiring you audience with quotes that really make them think about the world and how they could be improving it with their own actions.

Revamp your targeting to get people who need better karma.

Collect donations and start benefiting those in need.

Employ yourself as the CEO and collect that sweet taxable salary of any number you can think of.

Keep in mind the IRS “expects that you pay yourself a reasonable number” or something.

Note: This is probably a bad idea.

Oh I see we’re thinking of easy ways. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
T-shirts probably work.
Put inspiring quotes on tees and sell them to the masses.
I actually like tees because you can sorta brand it into any niche you want.

Just try something out I’m sure you’ll find a solid way!