Monetizing accounts with CPA

Hello, i want to ask you what changes i need to do for monetizing IG accounts with CPA?

Firstly, i need a profile picture. For multiple accounts,i have to use MD5 Hash Changer.
What about username? If i change it and my niche is for example Clash Of Clans Hack, what username should i enter to avoid getting detected and banned?
What about bio? Can i enter giveaway or hack in it? Or a brand name like iPhone or Clash Of Clans?
What about the IG concept of monetizing? I am getting traffic from following, or from my followers? Do i send messages to followings, or to my followers?
When i can start monetizing, by putting link to my bio?

Any other tips? Am i missing something?

It is very important to make your account niche related and everything has to be inline: profile pic, username, bio. Regarding pic, I either use different one each time, or make changes to pic before using it. MP makes it different for you also.
You need obvious username, like clash0fclanshak and similar.
Than you have your IG name, you can combine it with your bio, for example: (GET Clash of Clans) hack here! Click the link and start the tool

Also, you need to warmup your account properly. Putting a link to fresh account is very risky. IMO you need at least 3 months old account for that. Do not post suspicious links, use prelanders.
You get traffic from people you follow/like. Sending messages is tricky…

My accounts dont have 3 months, they are fresh, like one week age. But in this week i made activity to them, got each one with about 20-30 followers. In bio can i enter Get Clash Of Clans Hack? IG wont ban my account? Won`t detect the keyword?

I stopped putting links in accounts younger then 3 months. In my experience, they get PV every few days and eventually get banned.

Regarding negative words, I do not think there are words that will get you banned, maybe they will get you some negative points (enough negative points leads to certain action by IG). Get creative with these words, use zero instead of o, 3 instead of e, use punctuation, emojis, special characters…

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If you only have new accounts, then you’ll have a hard time. I would suggest you to get aged ones.

Also, do not use “hack” in your bio, it could trigger some alarms. Use “cheat” or “h4ck” would be better. Maybe even “Get free Clash Of Clans Coins” or “Clash of Clan Coins Giveaway” would be better option.

If you’re going to upload profile images through MP > Edit Profile, then you don’t need to use MD5 Hash Changer. Mass Planner will make images unique anyway, but don’t use same images on all your profiles.

  • Regarding traffic… By using Mass Planner tools you’ll get attention of users. As soon as you follow them, like their pic, comment their pic, they’ll get notification, most of them will visit your profile and if they’re interested in what you’re offering, they’ll visit your link too and/or follow you.

As @insomnijak said use prelanders, do not link directly to a LP that contains link to CPA offer or even worse do not link directly to CPA offer, you’ll get your account’s banned in no time.

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