Monetizing an arab acount

how can i make money on instagram with a 300 k arab account i just bought it and i don’t know what to do

it depends on what nice you are. what is you engagement rate on this account? you should contact the people who will be interested in posting on your account to promote a service or a product.
Hope it helps my friend :blush:

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This could be kind of tricky because of the language barrier.
I believe shoutouts could work in some extent and CPA

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you should have thought about it before buying, what are the impressions/reach like?

Make a giveaway for free fire & PUBG, those games are trendy in arab countries. and motnize the giveaway with some cpa offers.

out of curiosity how much did that account cost you ?

the engagement rate like 1.7

it coust me 200 dollars

Hope you trust the seller, as he can report it as hacked, and even if you have changed password and e-mail, he is able to report it and provide the original infos that he used creating the account and it’ll most properly be given back to him. Just seen a similar thing happen to someone else :grimacing:

But to answere your question, if the main followers of the account is arab speaking, you’ll need arab content to keep the high ER.

can he do that even if i had the OG mail ??!

Yes if they can confirm his IP that he used registering and also the phone number he used registering. But bro I am not trying to scare you. I just want you to be carefull.

Always buy accounts from respective sellers. We have some on lvl 2 here. Once you reach to lvl 2 you’ll access the market too.

These are aprooved sellers. But don’t lay sleepless at nights now. Just be carefull in the future.

thnks bro preciate that

My pleasure brother :slightly_smiling_face:

Sell them supercars

Arabs LOVE supercars