More Core, Less Ram or Less Core, More Ram?

I want to run as much account as possible on MP. Which plan should I get?


The first one doesn’t have an HDD or SSD. So where does it store stuff? What are data disks and IOPS? Should I ignore those?

Not enough information,post full specs…
4 cores and 8gb is definately better.

That’s the only info I have. These vps are from azure hosting.

I basically want to run as much account on MP as possible on a single vps, so I need the best plan I can get for $100 per month. I understand its expensive but I’ve decided to use azure.

So more cores and less ram will be able to run more accounts than less cores, more ram?

Need the rest of the specs…
What kind of accounts?

I ran 160-200 IG accounts with these specs before moving to a server.

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The 14gb, 2 cores runs on 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon® E5-2673 v3


It doesn’t say which one the A series run on. Im assuming its worse than the cpu above.

Should I get an SSD or an HDD for MP? I saw the new update that SSD improves performances on MP now.

Did you max out your CPU and RAM when running all those accounts?

I want to run twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

If I can run more instagram than tumblr and twitter than ill run all instagram.

Mine was a SSD and the CPU would be around 70-85% and RAM would be 85-95% if i tried opening photoshop all hell would break loose.

So I went with this:

Looks like it comes with 120GB of HDD

You never mentioned how many accounts you planned to run but looks like some solid specs and with the improved MP performance should do just fine. Worst case scenario you just upgrade and follow @BrandonBerner guide on migrating your MP folders.

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Well I don’t have a number. I want to be able to run as much as I can for the specs. That’s why I was wondering if I can run more on more ram, less cores or less ram, more cores.

If I can run 500, then I’ll run 500.

This VPS is super fast, but I’m paying extra for the data disks and IOPS. Do you know what are data disks and IOPS and does it matter if I choose one with less or more? I did read on it but I dont understand.

Did you max out your CPU and RAM with 200 IG accounts?

I assume…More cores, faster speed. More RAM, more accounts.

Why not the 64GB Dedicated Server from TurnKey Internet? Their server is $89/month and you can run up to 2,000 accounts. Free SSD, 1GBPS unlimited, and 8 IPs.

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Oh, so cores means faster speed, and ram mean better at multi tasking.

But a lot of people suggested that 8gb ram with 4 cores is better than 12gb ram with 2 cores. Does this mean that 12gb ram with 2 cores can run more accounts than 8gb ram with 4 cores?

Because my friend is paying my vps for me at azure. I get a $100 allowance per month. But they have so much option and idk which one to choose.

Also, can MP even support 2000 accounts? lol

Your biggest limitation will be your CPU.You can run 1000 accounts on intel 6950X and 8GB of ram,so go for the strongest CPU that you can and minimum of 6gb ram.
thats all you need to know.

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How is this CPU?

Thats a decent machine.

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On azure, cloud, or aliyun, 100$ isn’t even something to be excited about. You’ll finish up your credits before you even realize it. I wouldnt count it long term, you’re better just using it for test, earn the money while it is free, and then switch to a dedi when you scale up.

Are their estimated monthly pricing not accurate? This server is about $90 a month, azure says. I don’t want it to go over and deactivate my vps.

If you use the calculator, that is accurate. But other things like bandwidth and stuff you may have missed out.

The bandwidth is really confusing. I know there’s a limit but I just can’t seem to find it on their site and their support suck.

Edit: lol, I found it:

I thought it was 100gb free, i guess its only 5gb.

I’m going to use azure for now since its free. I’ll test this machine for a month to see if their estimated monthly pricing is correct. Hopefully it is.

Yep. Just test it and bail out. Remember to keep watching it every day. Those aren’t the best providers for long term.

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Its a difficult question to answer since there are different factors.

Take a look at this topic to get a better understanding

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Here are some additional ones you will find useful if you end up moving to a different provider.
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