More followers on Instagram - how?

I would like to know the best ways to increased your Instagram followers?
I heared about something called spinning on Instagram any help?

Post quality content constantly.

Interact with users in your niche


Read around the forum if you haven’t already.

Main strategy is follow/unfollow and targeting people of the relevant audience.
You can also send new followers Direct Messages to promote.
Several tactics for many objectives. What is your objective and that will help you work out what to use.

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My 2 cents is:

Engagement groups and Botting.

Repurpose viral/funny videos and posts from popular Instagram profiles in your niche to help your page grow even faster.

Use a good call to action when asking people to follow you in the description of each posts. Something like this And multiple times in a row. That will get their attention.

FOLLOW👉 @example
FOLLOW👉 @example
FOLLOW👉 @example

I thought engagement groups were dead