More than 6 months without being able to recover my Instagram account.

Hello to all,

It’s been 6 months now since my Instagram account was deactivated because it didn’t respect the platform’s terms of use (I don’t understand why).
It has never been banned before.
During these 6 months, I made about 10 times the request via the link they propose I received several times (but not at each request) the email asking for a photo of myself with a paper including a code they give us, my name and username.
Nevertheless it never came through. They answered me once that my photo was not valid… but I don’t understand why.
I don’t remember the “full name” I had put on the account, I hesitate between two names because it was the name of an organization (is it possible that the error comes from there?, if yes what to do?)

I’m starting to despair, this account was an account that sold jerseys worn by soccer players to benefit the fight against childhood cancer…

I will be very grateful for your help. What can I do?

Thank you

Most likely, you violated the conditions by using either famous branding or photos with celebrities, in general, this is no longer important)
You need to go directly to the chat with FB support, what country are you from?

Thanks for your answer !
Where can I find a link to chat with Fb Support ? By the way I’m from France.
I’m wondering if it will work because my Facebook account isn’t linked with my Instagram’s one.

Hello, first of all, you must have this ability, and under certain conditions, FB may not give you such an opportunity. Secondly, even if it is possible to contact the FB manager directly, you need to know what and how to write to him, especially if there is no account linking.

Send me a private message, maybe I can help you.

Ok i will contact you in MP

Hi, I had similar situation.

My account had a same name as my website, which wasn’t mentioned in BIO.

After complaining I was receiving two emails from instagram. 1st to send picture with code, username, my name and surname written on the paper, holding in the way they described.
2nd message was to submit invoice of website domain purchase, trade license and I added link with my website privacy policy (where is mentioned my trade license details again).

After two week of constant applying, every morning, I received email saying that my photo wasn’t clear, I send it again with all details and got my account back.

I believe key is to have all documents and not to give up, be persistent.

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