More then 1 account per device?

Do any of you guys who do manual instagram on real phones have performed actions on 2+ accounts logged in per device successfully?

What limit of accounts logged in at the same time would you do?

By default you’re allowed to have only 5 accounts connected on one device. But this will leave a lot of foot prints and doing actions on all of them will only give you action blocks.
It’s more recommended getting an Automation Software (because the software is made to leave no foot prints at all) and a 4G Proxy. I’m running fine almost 50 accounts with my 4G Proxies :slight_smile:

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you can indeed have more than one account on the same device (I used to do so) and do actions there, but as the user above said you will leave a loot of footprint which leads to verifications and blocks try Jarvee automation software get a 4G proxies to test with add 2-3 accounts there warm them up a bit then start very slowly and see how it goes.

You can try using Parallels and run your accounts from there.