Most comphrehensive guide on growing an instagram page? does it exist

Looking for someone, ebook, posts that is comphrehensive and updated on how to grow an instagram page as fast as you can… powerlikes,following,liking etc is there anymore startegy?


Maybe Ascend Viral…

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Was going to buy it but saw mixed reviews … a ton of people said it was good, but the bad reviews were brutally honest and said its nothing that hasn’t been said again and again.


Just browse in here.

It all depends if you want to invest your time to read and filter through the BS, or invest money to speed up your knowledge. (even those courses/guides are sometimes BS, due diligence still required)

There’s some good free courses available. Look up Aaron Ward. Not sure if it will be as comprehensive as you are expecting.

depending on what that means to you… You can search the forums here for each of those strategies… Not sure of any definitive guides that cover all of these in a course. Might be overkill - but interesting.

However, a reminder that nothing will work if you dont take any action on it.

Some of my clients just apply 1-2 things at a time and they are getting consistently more leads every week. Becase they focus on few things at once.

Good luck, hope you dont get overwhelmed and get stuck in analysis paralysis.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with that unless you are looking for some super secret method that does not really exist. If the information is correct and leads to good account growth, then it’s a good thing its being repeated in the ebook. This forum is also full of the same, repetitive mostly good advice (mostly in the locked down section). In Ascend Viral its curated and there’s some good stuff on their forum too.

+1 Ascend Viral @berkxz


I would say that the value of the Ascend Viral guide is that its value comes from the fact that the author gathered all the tidbits of info spread throughout these boards, and put them in one, easy to read guide. Just wanted to build off what you said. I think AV is definitely worth it.


Exactly! It saves you a lot of time, although you won’t find there some super special secret methods (doesn’t exist anyways).

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