Most effective way of gaining new clients?

Hey, what is the most effective way of gaining new clients?

DM (50 a day) from 20 accounts
Fb ads (creating an fb channel)
Google ads
Email messaging

What is your opinion on what is the best option? (please don’t write “all of them”) I mean separately.

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Only sending DM messages!
Of course, manually and each message individually personalized for the account I want to get to my company :slight_smile:
In 4 years really, only from this I have collected such a customer base that my head hurts :slight_smile:
And of course, the loyalty program.
If you are good at the client’s service and really help him, he will always recommend you and even if he has to get an additional discount, he will kiss you on the feet :slight_smile:
Only so much and so much :slight_smile:
And in addition, I sometimes call the frims as much as I want :slight_smile:
It works great.


thank you very much!

and it works with dms even when the offer price is 300-600$? like you just send them the first message he replies and you ask him “do you want to see our offer ?” and thats it righT?

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I never talk about prices in a private message!
I always present my skills first, what my company offers to make the customer feel good!
That it gives him value and I know what he does.
Only then we talk about prices :slight_smile:
Price does not matter!
Your knowledge = Cash
The greater the knowledge, the higher rates etc … :slight_smile:

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Depends what you are offering on the ads.

Value upfront is the BEST way to get clients.

If they see value in what you have to say / your field, it will be easier to speak with them.

When you speak with them… That’s where you ask for:

  • their struggles
  • what they want to gain
  • if / how you could help get them away from pain and closer to their goals
  • and you give your professional recommendation

(This is my consultative sales approach anyway)


I would like to choose Sending Direct Message
But First, you have to build you page enough to be trust and professional, depend on you niche and target the right user (important).
Because you ask on Instagram Marketing Area so I choose DM method for sure :smiley:

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Hey, wanna renew this thread. Thanks for your insights guys!

Just one question, If i’m trying to get clients in certain niche ex. fitness trainers. If I don’t have at least one client of mine from the past who is already a popular fitness trainer, how can i give my recommendationals to a client?

I got an idea, dont know if that would be possible. Try to get a client who is already very popular in his niche, maybe even with blue thick. And then offer him free growth. Ofc deliver him good results and in exchange ask him to be my promoter. So not only I can send him as a testimonial to my potential clients before i close them, but even better - ask him permission to upload his pictures or even videos with the review of my service on lets say one very big dming account with 100k followers. I think that would work and potential clients in that niche, when they see results they would be very willing to work…

The only struggle is - how to get that big client for that? And also , we would need to agree with him in advacen, before work, that if he will get asked for how long he uses services etc, he will keep it privately. Or how many followers he gained or whatever…

Anyway, maybe its a dumb idea, but really want to know ways to close clients cause now keep struggling to close clients for 200$ a month by sending DMs.

You could just say that so and so blue tick used to be a client…

2 days ago, i made a BOMB cool flyer about my Instagram growth service, later i posted it on my work Instagram account and promoted the post, budget very low just 5$, 1$ a day, region USA,Canada, niche( of my choice), after 2$ spent i got a Dm from someone interested who saw my ad, 2 texts and i closed the deal.

so try this technique maybe it will work for you and make sure to make a good flyer.


This is a good strategy. I find the ‘targeting’ of ads used by IG so limiting.

Does anyone know a good way to target businesses with adverts on instagram?