Most of my clients are having this one issue or the other while trying to login

This is almost the 7th clients of mine having this email not sent issue or verification code won’t deliver to their phone number and this won’t make them have access to their accounts… we’ve tried all we could but nothing good shows up. Can anyone pls help

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Can you check if you can reach their profiles from browser? Or they are deleted?

try to do it with an android with 4g internet or a browser in incognito mode

Seems like the screenshot he attached is already from Android + 4G

I have exactly the same problem. Nothing I could do. Instagram banned that account after 3 days of having the issue. And there is no way to unbanned it as it showed there is no such user name. This is a serious problem!

they are banned. you need to have them unban. i got mine like that and recovered.

But there is no option to unban it. Normally you need to enter the username and it will tell you the account is disabled if you want to appeal you can fill up the form.

This time is just says no such user exists so there is no button to appeal.
Do you know the link to make the complaint? Much appreciated :pray:t3:


@Tunde_Datsh There are others here that have been been able to fully recover their accounts, even after their usernames have been deleted/banned. I believe I was just reading a thread about this the other day. The search function here is going to be your savior my friend. :ok_hand:t3:


Thank you!i found the thread :blush:


Are you using a VPN?

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just keep emailing instagram on unbanning it.
it will get through sooner or later as it depends on the person reviewing the appeal

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Yes I am. I don’t think that’s the problem though

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I do think it might be. Instagram sometimes prevent to send confirmation codes in such cases.

I just searched the page from another account and it’s not popping up… could it be that their pages has been deleted

It could be deleted or temporary disabled. I’m not sure to be honest because I haven’t faced this issue myself

I’ll be very glad if anyone can help me get the thread where the banned/disabled account discussion was held… I am a rookie here :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:

Hmm maybe, I remember that stupid FB banned my personal account once because the VPN thing

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There u go!

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