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I had a ban wave of a different sort. put a warning on over half the links leading to my pre-landers. The prelanders were the basic “click to verify” type, and it linked to an ecomm site. Now, when you click the link on the IG bio, you go to a warning page saying the site (prelander) has been identified as potentially harmful. IG, though, didn’t PV/ban the accounts at a rate any higher than anything else I do.
So I’m looking for alternatives. When I used to do youtube spamming, I would use a shortlink generator that used multiple services, but I’m sure that type of thing has been played out and wouldn’t last long. I’m hoping to find something that hasn’t been overused by spammers vs. legit users.
Google is depreciating it’s shortlink service, so that’s not a long-term solution. Has anyone else had luck using anything else?
By the way, I was using subdomains on a .com. Not going to do that again.

try capsulink

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Looks like an option, but no custom short URLs unless you go pro. It’s not much though, $24 per year. Anyone have an opinion about TinyURL?

I went pro. $24/yr is nothing compared to all other alternatives I researched. Had similar issue in the past

You can also swap out a URL very easily

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Yeah, I saw that. That’s a big plus. My worry is that since it’s not an oft used one, it draws more attention while I’m trying to leave as few fingerprints as possible. Where your experience using these with accounts, in terms of bans, PVs, or limitations? Noticeably different than with or others?

Using this with accounts had no different from using the accounts with but that was just my experience

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Cool, good information.

You can use it alternative of bitly.

tinyurl is good, also,

That seems like a great way to get your account banned.

You have an option to use buffer (social media post scheduling app) to create short links. I mean without actual posting on social media, just use the tool to paste the url and it will generate the short link.