Mother and slave method

hii im new in this forum
and i hear alots of this mother and slave method
and i don’t understand what it is :roll_eyes:

i think i doing this but im not shor
i have some accounts running on jarvee
and i have my main account that takes the followers from this account’s
is this mother slave ?
if not so its my slaves :smiling_imp:

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Try using the search function my dear and you’ll find your answers immediatly, there are a couple of guides about m/s in this forum :wink:


With the time you spent writing this post you could already figured out the answer by yourself. There are multiple post about this topic.

I wanted to answer you anyway but I genuily didn’t understand part of your question.

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Just type in ‘mother and slave’ in the search function to know more about it.
You’ll get everything from explanations to guides.

Also for users with level 0 ?

Yeah, go on top topics or Instagram marketing and look. You could also use the search function.

ok my friend i did the search for it
and it what im doing for a long time its give me good results

i read that people say that ther is another types of methods
you can give me names so i can do a search for it on the forum


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Go on top topics man

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Mother slave method is Basically a method in which
You create some bot accounts to Promote your Main account by Commenting on posts of other people and dming them or following them and Whenever someone visits your bot profile he/ she will see your Bio which contains your Main account link then it go to your main account and then follow it.
This method is very safe for your Main account because if something gets suspicious ban hammer will fall only on bot account not for your main account. It also Beneficial because you can create unlimited number of accounts to promote your Main account.
I hope it helped.
This is all i know, If i am wrong you guys can correct me this is what i learned from this from in recent days.