Mother and Slaves Proxies

Hey guys,
What kind of proxies you are using for your other and slaves? Mobile? IPv4? IPv6? I find that if u use mobile it’s kinda super expensive right :laughing:

IPv4 works the best

Don’t take this comment into consideration, mobile 4G proxies are the best by far, for M/S accounts management. IPV4 or IPV6 is mostly used for scrapers.

but it’s just insane if you use mobile for mother and slaves if let say you have 50-100 slaves LOL

which IPv4 providers you recommend? and how many per account per proxy?

Tell that to people coming in my private messages “wew u r expensive lol bye”

Stop going cheap, you will just get your accounts blocked and banned.

They think that they saved a lot of money by purchasing cheap proxies. What they don’t know is that they usually spend more than less.

Solution : make your own proxies :slight_smile:


No it’s not


I have 500 slaves all running on 4G. You’re right, paying other people’s prices there would not be much profit since I would have to pay minimum 3x more. Creating your own will be an initial cost, but think of the opportunities and the money you will save when you reduce your costs by 300%

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IPV6 still works quite well for scrapers and accounts with good authority.

Other than that, stay away from resellers in general and you should be good. Mobile Proxies start at 20$ for a dedicated modem and you can put quite a lot of accounts on that if done right. IPV6 starts at 0.35$ so that might be suitable for you regarding scrapers.

In general, I would recommend making sure you get things working before you try to cut costs or look for alternative solutions. Once you have a working concept, then start to optimize the costs.

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Would like to know if you have any recommendation for a trusted Mobile proxies at $20 and IPV6 at 0.35$.

Much appreciate as it would help to speed up my research progress to success

I’m not trying to be mean, but an IPV6/IPV4 proxy is pretty cheap to try the test on your own…If you aren’t willing to invest $0.35 on a proxy then M/S won’t work for you. M/S is really expensive to maintain and if you start it off with IPV6/IPV4 proxies then you will experience a LOT of headaches off the bat. At its core to start M/S you need:

  • Solid VPS
  • Jarvee Pro plan (my opinion)
  • Good proxies for slave accounts
  • Budget for scrapers (because you will constantly have to replace them)
  • Proxies for scraper accounts

Trust me, 4G all the way :blush:


That would be a good indication tho that you are selling/offering your service under market value. Might be worth thinking about that.

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Cannot agree more. Starting with an already possible flawed concept will make things just worse.

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Good morning Henry

Your RAW proxies change IP?
How often?

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main accounts 4g proxies IPV4.

Low-quality Salves DC proxies

High-quality one’s 4G proxies.

Now it’s really hard to get started without 4G proxies. They aren’t that expensive as the location doesn’t matter that much. I have my own 4g proxies which I’ m about to sell on the forum, you will have to pay more on accounts if you are using bad proxies than on a proxy itself.

However you can still go with ipv4/ipv6 but that will cause a lot of headache

I was probably exaggerating, using others’ proxies I would have 300% profit. Maybe I’m just greedy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You don’t need super expensive proxies for scrapers. I’ve heard from many people that their scrapers are working better with cheap proxies. Of course IPV4 proxies are needed.