Mother/child method using freelancers instead of automation

Hey, guys!
Is anyone here doing a mother/child (mother/slave) method hiring cheap workforce freelancers to do it manually instead of using automation tools?
Would love to have a chat with anyone doing this.
Wish you all the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been doing it a few weeks in the past, with 15 VA’s, and it’s all about nightmares. You can’t get any close to automation when it comes about this strategy…

Even without tests, i think it naturally makes sense, from the human + money point of view.

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VA’s, as much as you think you have the best step by step blueprint for them, they still fuck up just because they arent used to the platform like we are. They need so much guidance. And then i’m not even talking setting up a structure for m/s. Keep that in mind before beginning

If we skip the money part, what’s bad about it ?

As i am doing it for dropshiping store my thoughts were, if you teach them how to do it, in long term you will gain more from it because they can land sales on their own (child) accounts instead of just pushing traffic to the main one.
May i ask if you are doing it for some theme page/ds store or anything else ?

You’re hiring people that have no interest or affinity with social media in this way and you’ll notice this quickly. So it’s not like you’re hiring MPsocial people. Teaching them, following up,…

I’m doing it through automation solely.

Humans can’t beat the speed of a machine.

M/S is a money & time race. In both cases, the VA’s will lose :frowning:


Humans can’t scale as automation.
Unless it’s a matter of a couple of accounts. Forget manual process. Just not worth the hassle.
Many of those claiming to do manual run hybrid anyways.

if they are landing sales using methods that can be automated then I think that should be way better than keeping it manually, or maybe you can land sales using their slave accounts automatically and have them confirm the sale manually.

I’m not so brave to try these methods. :smiley: When it comes to social media automation, I rely on Jarvee.
What actions exactly do they do manually for you @denis1 ?

Mother/child method seems way more effective, despite the hassle with child accounts and blocks.

You can scale it, just hire more VAs so you will get more child accounts…

Both ways it is mother and child method

F/U, likes, DMs, comments…

When you try to run a business it’s all about $ at the end of the story. More VA… More $$$.

Even with more VA it will and I mean litterally scaling will NEVER be as effective as running automation. Just the hassle tracking targeting and targeted users is hell and time consuming.

Dude fuck VA’s I asked them to do GaryVee $1.80 strategy for me and all they did is scroll timeline, like pics and comment 3 word lines

They didn’t know I was watching via Mobile Device Management software :joy:

You’d think VA’s care about long term clients… but they only care about the $3-$5… excuse is “I have to get used to doing it”

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I hired service that do ms manually, its a disaster, clients are canceling after 1st month of using. Followers they are getting are total garbage fake, people with 1 post or without posts, teens, followers are sending you DM ‘‘done’’ and some stupid crap, I highly recommend you to not do it. Need to find some better ways if there are any to grow organically…

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