Mother / Slave Accounts

Hey can i simply put the @ of my main account in my slaves bio? Or would that get them banned?

It depends on the number of slaves. If you put your main account in the bio of 500 slaves in 1 day you will probably get problems.

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Okay, thanks i just started the script for 100 Bio Updates and will add another 100 every day for the rest of the week… will keep you guys updated haha

If i lose some accounts i can at least give you guys some feedback

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I once had a client for Instagram growth. She participated in a contest to win something useless. To participate they had to put @username in their bio.

Probably many people (hundreds) participated and put that 1 username in their bio. The account got a lot of problems. PV’s daily, blocks etc.

You can never be sure if it was caused by this. But after seeing it I never tried what you are trying to do.

Don’t forget to let us know your experience! We are all here to learn :blush:

We can of course make jokes about this. But you are connecting your entire network together. I expect that you will lose more than “some accounts”.

Well its not my entire network :slight_smile:

My main account got suspended within minutes, small ones are running fine tho… I will do the same thing with an aged main account which already has good engagement and new slaves

But yea you’re right, even if my accounts survive it at first there will be a connection from now on

I tried it, main account gone. Slave were stuck into captcha loop.
On twitter just never do it.

yeah i thought that might happen, that’s why i avoid it.