Mother Slave EV/PV Captcha

Hi guys doing MS

Just a quick question, do you guys the following:
Captcha - directly 30 day to PV your account

Sometimes I do get EV, back then, EV you can solve with code to email. But now, it seems like everytime you need to do Email confirmation, it automatically goes to PV. So it doesnt matter if you get EV, you still will get a PV after.

Are you guys getting similar?

I made the experience that you get PV after a determined amount of EVs. For some of my accounts I got PV after 2 EVs. Some accounts even go instantly to PV - seems to depend on the trust score of the account. But nobody knows the real algorithm behind that.

I can give you the advice to use physical sim cards to create your accounts. 1 sim for 1 account. Additionally you will need a phone. Some cheap burner with dual sim is perfect for this and doesn’t cost more than 10€.

You can then PV these accounts everytime. It’s a little bit expensive initially, but can save you some money in the long run instead of buying new accounts all the time.


You will notice that once an account gets a verification the trust factor is lowered and it has a high chance of getting more. If the PV or EV was based on too many actions it may be ok. But if automation was detected then it will get captcha.

You will see sometimes a different captcha that says you are violating terms of service and this means you got caught automating.

I gave up on saving accounts that got captcha, they usually keep getting it. Even with real sims.
That may change when the new update comes out though.


Thanks brother, I have been saving and it dont comeback for awhile (didnt calculate how many days tho)
Some do never get it as well, hard to keep track

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Thanks - I use virtual sims and they save a lot of the accounts. But some do get PV again.

However, I noticed accounts I started about 2 months ago (slaves), they last a lot longer now or barely get PV. But when they started, they did get EV and PV

Maybe these new accounts have to go through it a few times first…?

You will find most people are getting hit with PV/ captcha atm when running at significant actions. The Dev has said a new update will be released before christmas that will help fix things.

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“we noticed unusual activity from your account so we’ve logged you out.” What about such captcha? was detected automating?

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Theres a different one that says you have violated terms and conditions. Its not as common

A lot of users have switched to using real numbers instead (from physical sim cards, could be prepaid numbers, that’s how we call it from where I’m from)…

Hi Jessi - i see and I assume by switching you mean, also creating the account with these sims correct?
problem is, say I am from africa, I am using european slave accounts, I cannot just get an africa sim and verify the european account

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Its true that it lowers the trust score of the account, but if you think about it from a users perspective - humans also travel and so its not uncommon to use different sim cards / phones from different countries - no matter how far away.
E.g. I’ve been half a year in Asia although I am living in Europe and also got a new sim and it didnt damage my account.

Thinking about a real user you can also say that you usually dont change your phone number really often, so you dont want to change it too often - this is independent from the location I would say.

So you can verify an european account with a foreign sim for sure.


Just a question for your slaves, do you guys use pretty harsh filters to find the users? I assume most are using the scraper tag method

What do you mean by harsh?
I am using the tag method too.