Mother/Slave for personal account

Hi guys, Let me start telling you that I’m pretty new in all this, I started my Instagram account a couple months ago growing up to 20k with f/uf manually. I want to experiment with the Mother/Slave strategy following all the tips I have learned from all of you, but in the mean time, I would like to pay someone to create this strategy for me.

What do you think is a reasonable price to pay and do you have any recommendations for someone who can do it for me?

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Depends im pretty sure its passed 1k/mo now for ms if you’re doing lots of accounts probably less for a smaller network

depends only on the number of slave accounts you want to have. Starts at 5$ per account but most of the providers closed their service or have a extremly long waiting list.

Hey could you let us know your manual strategy? seems pretty great!

yeah 20K in a couple months? that’s crazy good.

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Please send me a private message to discuss further. This is one of my specialties and I’d be willing to personally execute it for you for fair compensation.

Is it? I’m telling you, I’m pretty new in all this, I was doing follow / unfollow manually, honestly I don’t even know how many people I was following a day.

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It would actually be really helpful for us to know. there are a bunch of hurdles to reaching 20k manually in two months so some details would further validify your claim and help the whole forum.

Totally agree with you here, 20K in 60days… 300+ per day… I would like to know how.

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Heya mate. I do the M/S for myself and I am just past being a noob I would say. lol
If you want I don’t mind giving you a full breakdown of how I do it…there is no secret but being pointed in the right place really helped me get started by a guy called proxified who in my opinion is the master of this. So I should pass it on!

Well probably it was a little over 2 months, maybe 3 or 4 , honestly, all I dit was to follow a bunch of people from those accounts with millions of followers, I didn’t follow a system or amount of following per hour, I just followed as much as I could during my free time. After the massive block I’m not doing it any more because it is hard to keep control of numbers when you have a 9 - 5 job, plus trying to grow your account, plus trying to find sponsors. That’s the reason why I want to find another growing system.

I didn’t even know that 300 a Day was a good number, we are far away from being experts on social media, I’m not a model and my husband is not a photographer, but probably part of the luck is that a large number of the photos are on very nice beaches wearing swimsuits

oh @Zorito you mentioned the magic words beaches and swimsuits!! :slight_smile: forget about any research when it comes to girls no algorithm can stop it.

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this could be one reason :wink: