Mother Slave Method for Personal Account

I hear of this method from a new client he have an account +290k and received thousands of new followers from giveaways form m/s accounts I believe.

Is a very interesting approach and of course is a high ticket service to put a price +500$

The giveaways apparently give iPhones

I have my doubts that the free iPhone are real but that’s is I hear from my client.

amazing guide! will definitely try it out

Depending on the niche it is possible, yet very unlikely, especially if you only do f/u + dms. You would need ~35 followers/child/day on the main account. This is a very high number for the regular m/s method. Combining different strategies, not only f/u + dms, good targeting, good main account and hq slaves the number is achievable though, especially for niches like female model, beauty etc.


I have around 80 slaves and get 80-180 followers a day. Took a huge amount of time to set up and learn and make mistakes. Just growing a personal account. It would be beyond stressful for me to manage something like this for multiple clients since the game is always changing. I really would recommend trying to master 10 slaves before scaling.


Good point! Don’t do over 30 slaves innitially, test, make mistakes, test more, make more mistakes. Once you figured it out with a low number, BUILD SYSTEMS that will facilitate scaling. Always have accounts in the background testing. There are people managing 10.000s of accounts, so with proper systems it is definetly possible :wink:


before the block I had 50 slave account and I had a daily increase on my personal profile of 400-600 followers, now it is active 15 and a day increases from 80-150

each profile has very valuable content (motivational quotes, infographics)

I’m really interested in the account creation process and proxies, I want to start this method in my personal account, I have a very difficult niche for hashtags, my competitors have millions of followers. (F1 niche)
Would you mind to share some info and tips with a beginner :slight_smile: ?

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I’m also keen to know how to set the Mother - Slave method up. Is there a topic with the set up on it?

Test different settings/setups with batches of 10 accs, then analyze which batch is performing the best -> then try to add extra good twists on best performing batch -> analyze -> then scale your batch. also don’t forget to test batches on account with fake followers (at least few k) and make that acc private, and setup slaves with business. after the test, you just scale the best performing batch, but you don’t need to make your slaves to biz accs… that’s how i did. 25 followers/slave/day, spent a month just on testing. so please guys stop complaining or asking why you get 3 followers/day/slave - just do some testing lol…


Amazing results! How to ensure the slaves follow different lists? Do you divide up follow lists from one master list for the 90 slaves, or do you just set filters and leave it to chance? I’ve always had this concern about Mother Slave method because I feel it might be too likely to be getting the same follower over and over.

just setup options on mp/jarvee to not follow the same users across all accs

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What type of dm did you send to make it look non-spammy? Also do you provide this kind of services?