Mother Slave Method for Personal Account

Hi everyone,

I’m really curious about starting the mother slave method for a personal account - it’s a couple page in the self-improvement niche.

Have any of you got experience using the M/S method on such an account and can you share the kind of growth per month you saw?

I’m willing to hire someone for help with this. Thanks in advance!


you account is normal, it’s just a niche. m/s works for every niche. The growth depends on the amount of slaves


Thank you for clarifying this! So does this mean you pay for the amount of slaves created for growth with this service?

I’m seeing 13k-16k/month right now with ~90 slaves. I’m sure I could see a lot more but I have fairly restrictive filters on who they follow


How do you make the conversion from slaves to mother accounts?

Growth depends on many things. Mostly on your budget, you can grow 50k/month or more if you know how to do it correctly. It depends on the number of slaves, your filtering and targeting, number of actions, quality of slaves and quality of dms, not to forget quality of main and many more things. :slight_smile:
Not necessarily easy to learn, but worth it if that’s what you’re into and have the time to learn the ins and outs :wink:


Had recently a nutella acc growed with 10k - 12k followers per month. circa 20 slaves

What I did I use spintax in the beginning with 30 texts and ended with 10 after warm up

DM’s I warmed up daily with +2 from 5 to 45

Commented with 5 accounts (everyone different comments, 10-15 spintax)
with other 5 I mentioned my mother in bio
With other 5 I repost through different hashtags and only videos about food,chocolate ( 50.000-9.000.000 views)

And with the last 5 accounts I liked comments too about chocolate and stuff

What worked very good for me, you can try to send dms after story view with some funny text or something what is good in your niche, in my nutella case was like

Love your story! Do you saw this crazy nutella videos too? :smiley: :smiley: @…

Only in german ^^


huge results bro and thanks for detailing it will try this out

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I Think I follow this nutella page from my cooking page :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s like 5 a day per account that’s amazing

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Wow that’s amazing! Are you doing this all yourself?

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That would be incredible to growth that much in a month :sweat_smile: But I’m starting to understand the amount of setting up and work that goes into this M/S method, and honestly, I just don’t have the time to spare on learning and applying it all myself right now. :see_no_evil: So, I’m really looking for someone to hire as help.


Thanks so much for this detailed response! It really helped me understand what goes into this method of growth! :hushed:

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Yup, it’s a one woman show

It might be cheaper for you to just start learning how do pull it off.
It’s a pretty expensive method to pay for. Indeed, it does the work, but the price is according to the amount of growth you aim for.

@imaginaryuser Lol I need to hire you for my personal account :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: you are killin’ the game!!

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well, I was til everything got blocked. :joy: That’s now sloowwwwly lifting. I did manage to optimize my sources substantially; still getting 100+ a day with almost everything blocked, so there’s that.

To be honest, I’m not sure there’s any amount of money that would make it worth it to take on a client. It’s just too time consuming to scale properly. I’m just here to make my dog famous. :slight_smile:


People sell their m / s services for personal account?

What’s the conversion between these 4 methods? Which one drove the most traffic to your Mother account?

It is possible to grow main account with 100k per month just with 100 slaves you do a lot of testing beforehand.