Mother/Slave method for personal account

Hi guys, I read a lot of topics about this argument, but I’d like to have your opinion about.

I’d like to growth my personal account of 20K followers (niche influencer/hot guy/actor/model), followed mainly by girls of a specific europe nation.
I growth this account with follow/unfollow, with pretty good results, and now I’d like to try this new method.

The thing that scares me most, is to look like an id**t to have fanpages about me, posting my pictures and my stories, because I am not famous. No one will ever create a fanpage about me lol

So, what do you think?
Will it help much to growth, and will it give good results?
How many slaves do you suggest me to start?

Thanks guys


Tbh, the shawtys that roll in off of your M/S method aren’t really gunna be baddies it will probably be like 12 year olds (i did it and i have 0 females in my dms unless they are like 15 lmao)

If its for purposes other than fillimg up your game pipeline than im sure it could work out for u



M/S is the superior method to grow influencer page and everyone who is expert in M/S will say so

1- normal/average instagram users are easy to manipulate their attention into whatever you want by just Playing Big ( number of followers, likes of posts …etc ) in our Case M/S ( number of people talking about you ) ( more M/S accounts = more people talking about you /suggesting you)

2- influencers only get big based on how many people talk about them, the bigger the better, Whatever you do, you need people to talk about you being bad or being good, they need to talk .

3- 20K followers is a lot , Very a lot in the eyes of a normal IG user, Trust me they will be shocked if you dont have a fanpage already atleast several of them… but not us of curse ( try to look at your account from a noob avarage instagram users prospective and not expert prospective if you want to gain followers and publicity

Yes it will give you the maximum results your account would get anyway ( in my case 10 accounts get you around 40 - 70 day )

You will need to start with no less then 10 accounts and scale it up to 100 within 2-3 months

just make sure to make these S accounts looks as real fanpage would look like and you will even gain better results with 10 accounts


Thank you guys for your replies, is my first topic and I was scared that no one would care about me lol

What do you usually do manupulate attention? F/U and DM to who follow back?

It’s difficult, I am more critic on myself then on clients lol

Wow, that’s a lot. How do you choose your targets?

What do you do to do that? What do you suggest?

Nowadays isn’t m/s a little harder now? How have your results changed?

not just by F/U and Dm, that is not how it works … it all goes into the small details that you use to approach your idea/goal to your targets

for example : dont say in posts or dm , “hey follow me there @main account” instead say what do you think about her/him @Main account she/he is smart right ?

1- Find influncers ( that are more likely famous because of their looks and not because of something they produce )
2- filter the influncers that are prettier then you and target the followers of the influncer that is uglier then you .

1- find Influncers in your City , Country, Nation, Target their followers and their engangers
2- filter influncers that is the same gender as you or have the same taste as you ( same clothing style same music taste, close personality …etc ) target their followers

you need atleast to test all the targets and remove the bad sources ( less then 12% FB )
keep adding source and remove bad sources based on the above

1-Create account,
name it something close enough to to a fanpage
Fanpaggges.yourname or i loveyourname here

2-make the bio attractive with emojis and say something like i love her style @yourmain …etc

3- add 10-15 posts/repost
you can make the posts and add something in caption like ( hey @mainaccount notice me please :frowning:
not hey Follow me @mainaccount

4- add hashtags that are relevant to your page, names , shortnames , nicknames …etc

Buy followers and likes and comments for your S accounts

with relative comments like hey i love her so much/ i love him so much , i like her hair …etc

you dont need to buy alot of comments maybe around 10-15 each post with 50-60 likes each and 400-600 followers each account

once your S are ready to work after like 1-2 weeks of warmup then you start the bot and enjoy the results

that how you manipulative their thoughts into thinking you are big and follow you …etc

the small details not the just F/U and DM


yes its harder but not impossible

results dropped like 20%-30%
less follow actions
less dm actions

expenses raised like 30% more

more accounts ( replacements )
more pv
more proxies

but still better then F/U using main account


Thanks Bro for information <3

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Dm me more details please

Keep it public bro! Maybe you can help us all!

:man_facepalming: you didn’t get what I’m doing lol

Isn’t 12% of follow back ratio too high for a slave? I have like 20-30% on about 30 sources on the main, and I can’t find sources that gives me more…

20-30 is great

This is what stood out to me - work on how you and your content look and get it up to the standard where you believe you’re worthy of a fanpage and results will follow.

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This is not a problem, my content is very great, I post only photos shooted with a reflex from professional photographers, or travelling (I travel a lot) or working, so my content is great.

The thing that “scares” me, and I think that it can be not just a problem for me, but for other people too, is that I am not “famous” to have fanpages, I am not known by people to have fan pages, you understand?
And I think it could sound ridicoulos to have fanpages…

Yeah it’s great for the F/U on the main account, but on the slave I think that I can’t have 12%…

Don’t overthink it, mate. Make Niche-specific slaves and upload 90% of your content, 10% other content. Just don’t call them anything with “fans” if you’re not comfortable with it


I run for week a scraper for the target’s then I divide / 60, thats how many slaves I need! :grinning:

I’m in the same exact spot as you I’m at 30k similar type niche. I think the best way to go about it is to instead make it/the username something +exclusive. Not just repost your content from mother account but add in some exclusive content not found on the mother account. Fan page does sound ridiculous for a 20k account but hey it still might work. I’m going to try and test myself with about 10 accounts, keep in touch.


Yeah man, let me know the results! I think I will start in august