Mother/Slave method not as a service. HELP NEEDED!

Hello guys,

After doing a lot of research and due to the new IG “limits”, I came to the conclusion that in order to grow the followers of my 2 personal accounts (Photography) I need to use the Mother/Slave method.

So here we go…
I’m looking for good tips in order to move from the theory to reality, I’m ready to take action, but… unfortunately my budget is extremely low. (hopefully, with a good growth I will be able to invest more).

I’m looking to create 10-50 accounts and automate them.

  • Create or buy accounts?
  • Software to automate? VPS?
  • Proxies?
  • Do you think that the slaves can work fine for both accounts, 1 Fitness Photography and 1 Formula 1 Photography. (Yes :slight_smile: I’m a professional in both disciplines, but Formula 1 requested me to separate them, I had only one account for a couple of years.

Both accounts are around 20K now.

I appreciate all your tips!! (BTW I did check plenty pots here, but I wanted to give you my specifics)


Up to you

Jarvee, Jarvee or Jarvee. for only 50 accounts try hyonix.

Gotta test yourself, no one is gonna share their provider, that’s how valuable good proxies are.

Definetly if you get the targeting and filtering right


Just to mention I’m also testing and right now I’ve 29 accs but it was 40, 11 died on the way but it’s growing up.

  1. For the experiencing I’m having I can say that creating yourself can be very time consuming I prefer spend a few dollars and buy aged ones.
  2. As mentioned above (I prefer to not say names just for protection of the software itself)
  3. If you want to spend less possible just go for DC you can shot me a inbox I send you my provider.
  4. Yes but I think the best is to have them separated by niche.

Thanks! and I will definitely PM you @Itsyourtime


Oh you meant same accounts for both niches? In that case: No, definetly separate them!!

Hey together,

Is there any seller who provides the mother slave method?
Would appreciate your help!


If you’re committed and have a budget of at least 750€/month feel free to hit me up :wink:

How we can write directly?

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