Mother Slave method using DMs

Hi, Anyone currently doing M/S using Dms?

What is the daily limit to the number of Dms that we can send? What are the issues with this method? And finally, whats the conversion rate that one can expect from lets say, 20 slaves sending 50Dms a day. Thats a total of 1000 DMs

It could be a lot more efficient if you send DM’s to people who follow your slaves back.
less issues + the DM’s appear not in the spam folder


Thank you :slight_smile:
Also, is follow unfollow the only way now to automate slaves? If yes, is there any cost effective way other than using mobile proxies?

Here is good thread about M/S that doesn’t require f/uf

Regarding the Mobile Proxies - manual work requires a huge amount of time but is obviously the cheapest if you refer to money, and the most expensive if you refer to time. In the thread above is a good example regarding manual work.


I wouldn’t go over 20-25 DMs per day. All above those numbers are considered as risky and aggressive settings.

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So you can currently send 20-25 DMs per day without blocks?
Cause for several months now it was difficult to send even 2-3 DMs in a day before getting blocked and many other users here had reported the same.
Has this been resolved now and we can send more DMs per day without so many issues?

I am able to send 25Dms currently (In many cases 50DMs a day). No magic settings. I think the limits are relaxed now or Jarvee is working better


Cool, i’ll give it a try then.
Are you using EB or API to send DMs?

API for all actions. I somehow have problems with EB

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