Mother Slave on Personal account(not niche)

Hello, I am just beginner who found this unbelievable forum. I know what is mother slave
method of growth, and i will implement it in my 2 Instagram pages (fitness and personal). I am just interesting what niche to target for my personal page, because i know its very tough to grow a personal page(men’s style?). Can you guys maybe give me some addition tips, i will be very grateful.


Every account has a niche - even personal accounts.


Yes, of course, but i am talking about personal account with only my pictures, “influencer”

If you’re willing to share your username we can take a look. Otherwise not sure we can help much.

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Bro, I have a personal fitness page too. M/S can be easily practiced with fitness influencer accounts. Just make them look as fan accounts.

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You know dan bilzerian uses m/s method…he doesnt really have a niche either…bitches, poker, guns, now weed LMAO, dude is everywhere. test and test more and you’ll find what works for your image

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Don’t start with M/S try to grow a single account regularly first and see where you go from there.

It’s @matija_veljkovic, it has around 900 followers, but that’s my personal account.

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Lol, he is killing it. I will test and see what works for me, thanks

I think maybe man style niche would be fine for this type of accounts?

Hey !

If you want to grow on Instagram you need to pick a niche, even if it’s a personal account. Maybe you’re a tech or food lover. If you just post picture of yourself without interest for the IG community then you can’t grow fast.

You need to highlight your qualities, passions, which makes you an interesting person. :innocent:

Have a great day and good luck on your journey


Based on your current photos I’d say you are in the male fashion model niche.

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