Mother/slave service suggestions?

Hey, is there anyone who knows about the service many dropshippers use for Instagram automation with mother/slave method? They all have one thing in common, no more than 60 acc in total, usually, it’s 55-60, so I assume it’s not a typical Jarvee done by themselves… Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

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just out of curiosity, how do you know they use 55-60 accounts?


Sure, we are doing this for many clients. Feel free to PM for more details.

Counted myself :slight_smile: they use same brand name in front and then add something to the end for the nickname…

That doesn’t mean that they have only those, they can have many more.

I give you an advice do not buy any service here if it is not in the marketplace :wink:

Might be yes, I don’t doubt it but I checked around 10 brands all of them have 50-60 slave accounts for them, that points out something…
Why so?

If you can see a pattern I think that they must be related and using the same service provider, 50-60 on its own doesn’t mean anything. We have clients with 100s and 1000s in the ecommerce niche.

And the naming they’re using is not something that we like to implement.

They are not related, okay maybe using the same service, but not related that I can guarantee. Do you know exact service provider maybe?

no mate, there are 1000s of those services. You won’t find them just with the amount of slaves :slight_smile:

Not sure what exactly you need now, a M/S provider or to know who is working with those accounts?

I guess both would be great too. Mainly I wan to find best possible M/S provider for dropshipping website owner to drive traffic. Maybe you could shoot me a PM and we can talk there I assume you know this stuff very well. (Can’t PM u, cuz I can only do 2 topics a day :frowning: )

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I don’t think it’s possible to tell you which provider they are using just by looking at the amount of child accounts they use. You are better off DMing then and asking directly

Tried, 99% will be auto reply + if I manage to get some real person to read it as soon as I start talking about it they ghost me :smiley:

we are doing manual mother / slave for many of our clients , i think our service is most affordable because our team is from Pakistan and stable because we do actions manually.

Best man => @StayStyled