Mother/Slave Services

Hi, I am a musician around 27K currently. I am looking for someone to assist me with mother/slave services with a reasonable price. If anyone can DM me with some suggestions that would be awesome. Thank you!

Hello Hilary, you should precise your desired growth/budget, to be able to get a more precise offer :slight_smile:

Im also interested in mother/slave, DM me cost per bot/month. Im in interior design nich.

Hey! My budget is up to 150 a month currently!

I could be wrong, but $150 a month seems awfully low for M/S.

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Well, at this point, I’m getting a bunch of conflicting reports about what prices are low or not. Some people are DM’ing saying that m/s is a scam and impossible at this point.

It’s possible, but not for 150$ a month, you better go F/UF strategy because a proper M/S strategy would cost way more (unless you don’t need a huge growth, it can be affordable ofc).

What price should I be budgeting? What is considered huge growth and what is considered affordable growth?

I’d enter MS at $1,000 minimum.

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Agreed. 13chars

To clarify, $1000 a month? That varies greatly from the prices I’m getting in DMs.

Just dont go with DM’s with offers and prices that look too good to be true. How often do people have to warn others to be careful and not fall for it. It’s so easy for providers to gamble with your money… think about it.

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Also read up on m/s, the costs, the issues and so on to give yourself an idea what the investment could be. If you dont have the money to spend, go with another method. Use your money where it matters

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Exactly, but getting scammed out of $1000 is more of a risk than these lower offers that are being sent to me. I’m just having a hard time getting a grasp of what’s what honestly.

Do you have any suggestions of valid sites with info on m/s? There’s tons of YouTube videos that I’m finding so far. I just wish there was some kind of verifiability with this stuff. If anyone or multiple people on here can recommend someone to me they can vouch for, I would be super appreciative.

It’s always a risk since it’s people you dont know. Either have a good reference from people on here or the member itself having stats that at least show they have contributed a fair amount (for example likes received). For me personally if it’s doesnt at least meet one of those standards you’re highly likely risking your money (especially if low cost) so decide for yourself. You’re old and wise enough to know what your money is worth.

P.s. I’m not offering anything so for anyone reading about me replying in m/s or automation in any way. Please dont bother, not to sound rude in any way :blush:

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In all honesty i’d read up on it and try it out myself to see how it works so you get a better idea of m/s. Start with a handful of accounts, attach some proxies, play with it, … You might come across some knowledgeble people that know about m/s to go with if you like, ask them, … However m/s isnt easy, not cheap, not nearly as converting as it used to be and no one is without issues (even if they send you a screenshot with ‘all’ blue or green)

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Well, if you want to grow with a few hundreds of followers per day, do not expect less than a few thousands dollars per month …

How @oneoneseven said, better off trying doing it yourself (slowly, or you’ll get overwhelmed) – or go for F/U method, if your budget is so low.


the game is the same but the results are harder. look to spend a at least 1k ( bare bones) a month for a few hundred a day. If you want a few k per day it will be very expensive. If you are serious I recommend you build your own Network. ( Organic accounts that grow without f/u for the slaves) For that kind of money it will pay off later than sooner.