Mother/slave specialist

I know there are many topics here but I am stuggling to find a good specialist in m/s services. I messaged few people and they either don’t reply or they don’t do it at the moment because of the blocks. I am sorry if there is already another topic about this but please could you recommend somebody or message me if you are the one offering services. Thanks in advance

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And your budget is?

how much costs have running 100 childs?

In these times $10,000 :+1:


could you please dm me your rate? honestly these days I dont know what the cost is. I was given different prices like $5, $10, $20 per child.

ha ha if I was making $100k a month from it yes sure

At those rates it might be easier setting it up yourself on various devices and just hire a VA to do all the actions manually.

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I tried on jarvee but its too much work. constantly getting email and phone verification requests and don’t have time to do that every day. I think creating acounts correctly is a key, maybe my accounts arent good enough. also using them on various devices is a good idea. i might be cheaper to buy few phones.

what do you do though. f/u, repost in feed and stories, dm anything else? and is it good idea to have main account in bio? reading a lot of different opinions.

And Instagram hell bent on blocking every slave :+1::+1::+1::+1:

  • plus every botted account.

100 is a full time job for someone with a very high level expertise. Plus your going to need 4g / residential / high quality accounts. $$$$$ I imagine the lower end just doesn’t do anything for you.


are you out of your mind 100 child accounts for $10k? im doing it for $700


So there’s this thread on here where a guy said he was doing m/s all manually on like 10 different devices and was getting great results. I would consult with him as I have never done it personally but any action done manually these days is a hell of a lot safer than using JV with the constant roadblocks.

I’ll try and link you the thread… I save a lot of posts on here so it might take awhile!


My Range Rover suspensions gone :slightly_frowning_face:

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not sure where you got that from. i said 1 account for $10-$20. don’t worry I am not delusional :smile:

amazing! thanks so much I’d love to see the thread.

I think he was reffering to dave


whops my apologies I missed out k :smiley: he loves good cars though :joy:

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Not $10k but the costs of manually created accounts + 4g proxies and top quality management, for sure it rises the price 2, 3 times more than 2 - 3 months ago

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Always start high, sometimes they say yes! :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning: But $2500 in these times is very reasonable.

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Can you link me to that thread? Actually yesterday I bought a cheap phone to test with 5 accounts

It is not though.
20$ MAAAAX per child
It goes from 5 to 20 $ per child

I don’t know what is a difference between 5 and 20$ child