Mother/Slaves and bad backlinks

Hi gang,
so a friend of mine gave me the potential downside of the mother/slave method. This will probably only apply when someone does this the wrong way but if you have lots of bad quality backlinks to your account you account might be penalized. I mean lots of comments with your username on inactive accounts, DM sent from accounts that got band, etc.
So is anyone concerned about getting a shadow band with this method?
How do you combat this?


I have tested this and it was easy to spot the slaves and the main network. Most of my slaves got shut down but i have to be honest and admit that i didnt split test it enough.

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Why do you think it was easy to spot the slaves? Did they have e.g. similar names?

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Because they all linked to the same main account. I think that if you want it to work you should be mentioning like this:

Slave photo mentions another random slave that links to a main account. But even tho you do this you will need to limit somehow the number of mention from one slave to another and the number of mentions to the main account.