Motivation ? Boast about your earnings

Hey so i just wanted to ask and maybe get a little bit of motivation so lets boast about your earnings

how much u guys earn on avarage let’s say per month ?
how much did it took you to build it ?
Is it scaling well ?
What are your traffic sources ? :slight_smile:

Not a bad idea, why don’t you get the ball rolling? No matter the earnings :slight_smile:

$0 so far, trying to build a personal brand that results in paying clients eventually.

I’ve spent far too much time and haven’t had much success with my personal account, it’s not scaling well, but it’s probably because I’m still struggling to find sources that followback. I guess you meant more about website traffic, but I answered with Instagram following, because that’s all I’ve got going atm.

Im not trying to get their exact niche. The software of mp as i can c is rly fine it has a lot of things sorted out , just after seeing so many balls end up roling in the wall i want to point my ball in the right direction. im doing tests now especially on insta , just making sure social media is for me bro :slight_smile: im reading and studying only for now.

Building your brand is a lot more challanging imo but hope you will succeed with that (y)

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You know! Thanks :grin:

Between 750 and 2500 per month. But it s only a 4 months stat.

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@dma0245 nice . If u have a job and earn 700-1000 as addictional money source i would say its fine;p keep up !

350$. Really. I quit and started monetizing way too many times to make something worthwhile.

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Start a journey on the forum and stick to it. People will try and help where they notice problems and will also encourage you to keep it up. If you can do $350 then it means you know your way around social media a little, so you can do a lot better :wink: