[MOTIVATION] With enough determination, you can also make it

I found this next video shared somewhere else and I just had to embed it here.

It’s a great movie of determination and what you can accomplish if you really strive for something.


nice video, brother, thanks for sharing it with us.


Glad to! Hope it brings some motivation


Nice motivational video for those in need of motivation.

Though the cynic in me has to point out that he was helped by DDP, a celebrity fitness trainer and former wrestler. While it’s great that the guy achieved what he deemed impossible, he did have professional help, support and motivation that most people don’t have an opportunity to get… and have to “figure it all out” on their own, alone.

The original video tells the whole story (and how it’s essentially an ad for DDP Yoga)



Well, there goes the motivational part :joy:.

In all seriousness though, so what if he had help? He could also have thought ‘oh my life is over ill just go sit and die’. No! He took action. He asked for help and he did it himself. No one is gonna do this for him not even for 100 million, because only HE can do it. Yes perhaps he had premium sort of help, still, the action came from him and he had to do the hard part. I call it smart.

That’s what I wanted to bring here, the message that action needs to be taken if you want to succeed


i actually saw this video in my youtube recommendation when i was demotivated, sometimes you gotta love youtube recommendation