MP is a SCAM! 16.95 a month?! Pff, come on! 😉

Yes, they are! They are robbing themselves! :slight_smile:

Every day I am more amazed by the possibilities of MP. And for the price of 16.95! You guys have to invite me over and let me learn you something about the value of the software compared to your price…

So in love with the spin text function now:)

Have a nice day!



:joy: thank you for the nice words, people might say we paid you to write this but I promise we didn’t. I actually saw the title and was wondering what got you so mad :smiley: . Glad to see you’re not!


We can increase the price to $169,95 per month for your account, just let us know :smiley:

P. S. Thanks :slight_smile:


Heeeee i pay $19,95- p/m 0_o

See, it is a real scam…

You can be much more efficient by hand and save yourself $20- p/m :smiley:

But I mean it. Instagram is just a hobby for me. To blow of some steam and having a challenge again to learn something.

I have a company for over 12 years already. In the financial sector in the Netherlands. I am paying about 400-500 euro a month for my software and automation. But when I compare the usability and the amount of work that I have to put in to get some $ back, MP is having a much better ROI then my other software! I have to show you, then you don’t understand why the software i am using is so bad… It is so nice to work with for noobs like me!

Oke, oke, leave it this way please;)

But even with that amount of money i make a major profit after 4 weeks building and selling IG accounts.



Ssssshhhhh…let’s just keep quiet about this, and maybe they won’t figure out how underpriced their software is…


I was also wondering why he was so angry too, but you know the subject line also makes a great email marketing series, p.s Mprocks I am glad its 16.95 though

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haha, not a bad idea, maybe I’ll use that for the next newsletter :smiley:

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Pay me 16.95$ i want to do that too


Yeah for that amount, plus near 15 min support response time (which is way too easy to request and reply compared to traditional ticket support system) is what convinced me.

On the other hand, I wont name the software, but know this, i have to spend hours on skype talking to “tech support” who doesn’t even know what I’m talking about in plain english, and always say SIR in the sentence …

Here’s what went on with a bot i paid 250$ lifetime, only for 1 social platform, and the price now is 499$

It goes like this:
Me “I think this is a bug”
Them “Sir, no problem we have this feature, hold on a min”
“1 hour later”
Me “Look i’m just reporting a bug”
Them “Sir here’s the function you’re asking for, shows screencast”

And for feature request:
Me: “Can i have this function please?”
Them “We have this function sir, shows screencast”
Me. No, that’s not what i’m asking for.
Them: Do you want us to develop it for you? That will be 100$ sir.


You’re in the Netherlands? Let’s meet and discuss all things MP!

We cant sent PM s here? Gouda hier;) Skype? dmaas254

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you can definitely send pms here.

Also there’s a great thread if you want to do that @minustheartist , check this out

Already posted my details on that thread :+1:

As soon as I see “Sir” in each sentence, I’m out. I mean, I’m not native english speaker, but cmon, where did they learned that?


On the eBay scam letters :slight_smile:

@Adnan, lol… i know what you mean… I had conversation like that once and it was something like this…

Him: Hello , sir i can do following for you…
Me: Please don’t call me sir
Him: ok, sir



Yep :smiley: BHW is full of them :smiley:

Can someone give me that coupon code so i will be billed with that enticing 16.95… i want to scam Mass Planner with that price even more!

I have the Instagram edition, may be that is the difference!