MP on a VPS and use my computer's IP as a proxy

Let me explain better:
I have MP installed on a VPS, where I’m currently managing various accounts with proxies.

Now I want to add in MP a few “personal” accounts I manage manually from my PC and phone, to automate some minor stuff. How can I set up a proxy for MP so that it appears it’s using the IP of my home connection? So social networks won’t see any “strange” IP connecting to my personal accounts?

That is some high level stuff where you need to route your home IP to the vps and acts as a proxy. Idk if it’s do-able.

It’s better to transition the home IP acc to the proxy and use the proxy on the phone. When you do that first on the phone while it is logged in using the home IP, the risk is minimal.

If you use the phone for travel, then turn of location tagging (or tracking).

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You can install squid server on your home computer and then use your home ip as proxy anywhere

Your home ip must be Static though

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Thanks @Kay, static ip could be another problem.
I travel about 11 months per year, so I very often have a different IP each few days…

If you can manage to get static IP then its very doable and easily done by few installations .

If you can’t manage to get Static IP then i am not sure how it can be done (Sorry but i am not good in these things)

I’ll do some research on Squid Server. Maybe I just need to reconfigure it each time I change location/ip and I can try to automate it in some way (python?)

You can also setup a private VPN on some good quality routers , you have to check your Router manufacturer’s User Manual and see if it can be done

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Just setup dynamic DNS on the devices you’re using as proxies and it won’t matter if the IP isn’t static. Input the dynamic DNS hostname in MP and you’ll be fine if the IP changes as the hostname will always resolve to the updated IP address.

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