MP running on Mac via emulator

Has anybody setup a Windows emulator on a Mac and run MP (e.g. Parallels or other emulator)? If you have, which Mac have you used, what Mac OS, and which Windows OS ( 7, 8, 10, Home)? Are you successfully running MP or are there issues?

We have a lot of users running MAC and we wrote a guide on how to run mp on a mac here


Thanks for that. Bad me for not check the MP site first.

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what about vm fusion

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Same, I use VMware Fusion to do all the Windows work. Probably the most stable solution out there for Macs

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depending on the mac machine you may want to forget going to emulation route.

I’m running i7 mac minis and things are starting to slow down to the point where I’m saying screw it, I’m just going to buy a high end PC server and call it a day.

Either that or just get good VPS. I find VPS more convenient.

Would you recommend bootcamp? I heard bootcamp makes your Mac slow.

Whats the benefit of having a Mac over windows

Mac slows down quickly? I’m buying a new laptop. Should I get Mac or Windows

Bootcamp can’t make your Mac slow. Boot camp is a dual-boot solution - either your Mac boots up Windows or it boots up Mac OS. Both operating systems are not running at the same time. Not really an option for running Mass Planner, since you want Mass Planner running 24x7, and therefore your Mac would need to be running Windows (and only Windows) all of the time.

If you want to run Windows apps like Mass Planner on your Mac running Mac OS then you want a virtual machine solution such as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, or VirtualBox.

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Thank you for explaining @dwayne

Anyway, for all Mac users, I would always recommend VPS, but good one, of course. Not free AWS :slight_smile:

I am running Parallels on a 2011 Macbook Pro with HD upgraded to SSD and 16GB run. MP works perfect as does some resource hogging software (Solidworks) I use for engineering. You just need to tweak the settings. Windows 7. I’ve used VMware but it was not nearly as smooth.

OK, I’ve finally setup Oracle VirtualBox and it appears to be awesome (and free). I installed Windows 7 Pro x86 (the x64 failed on install but that’s just a FYI). The overall appearance of the Windows environment is fine and much faster than the AWS t2.micro instance I have been using for the past year. Now to get my downloaded MP folder onto the Windows VM is a bit of a pain as the Virtual Windows machine does not see the Mac HDD except thru the allocated partition (sealed up in the virtual world). I could load Filezilla or other FTP clients but it seems insane to go out thru the internet to route the folder onto my VM disk. Fortunately, VirtualBox allows me to mount a USB stick on either the Windows or MacOS environment (just not simultaneously). I guess now I just have to mount to MacOS, copy, eject, and remount/copy to the VM Windows machine. Any comments?

I don’t think using virtualbox (aka non baremetal virtualization) is a good idea. You would be better running a dedicated windows OS.

Nvm. Redacted. Maybe this ?

Never used a mac, but on PC, ive better results using vmware its just overall less buggy. On vbox, sometimes drag and drop wouldn’t work.

The only problem with running MP on Parallels or VMware is that you need to dedicate at a bare minimum a core. So if you’re running a 4 core processor you can assign 1 to 3 cores. You still need to at a bare minimum leave 1 core running for your mac OS thats running in the background.

I assure you… I have LOTS of experience running MP on mac mini’s and in a word… ITS SHIT! At about 40-50 accounts MP runs very slow and this is on 16GB SSD mac minis. At one point I was running 8 late 2012 mac mini’s and its been dissapointing. I was however running both MP and FL. Out of frustration I’ve decided to get rid of my macs and create a proper PC environment. I’m slowly running that I need to get away from standard “gaming” type rigs and go to a XEON based machine. Stay tuned… I’m going to have my rig set up in a months time and can report my followings. I’m pretty disappointing however with my mac performances.

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I just got MP running on VirtualBox and it’s miles ahead of the free AWS t2.micro instance I was using. It’s not very fast but it is way more responsive. I am only running 5 accounts. And the Mac I’m using is ancient, a 2008 iMac Core Duo hand-me-down. With the VB extensions I have shared disk capability along with access to USB ports and dynamic window resizing. One glitch - plug in a USB HDD and VB grabs it so I can’t see it in MacOS. Oh well.

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