$ MP Social feature request


Hey guys,

This forum is brilliant and I love it. I thought it was going to be another reddit and its not. It’s better!

My request for the site is…

Can we get some kind of Outlook email inbox system? As in, notifications for threads you are watching will appear in a categorized manner on the side?

I have plenty of RAM for all the damn tabs I have open all the time now (thanks guys), and my home setup is 3 monitor and RAM goodness. But I would like the notifications to be a bit better organized if possible.

I would pay for this feature. Thanks guys!


I’ll forward your request to @Johnny


Sorry, double read it but I am not sure what you’re looking for :smiley: can you rephrase it?


Don’t we have email notifications for topics you have commented on already


Email notification already exists and I’m getting emails from this forum every day. It’s not the feature you are looking for?


Yeah. I don’t want e-mail notifications. On your profile, you get 2 kinds of notifications. PM and regular. You have to click the notifications then it shows you the thread it’s in…no preview, just the thread.

I would like the drop down to appear on the right hand side at all times, perhaps with the first two or three lines of the reply so I can see at a glance what the notification is without clearing them all. Like an inbox of sorts.

Not a major change, just a minor one.

Again, I’d pay for a “gold subscription” for this. $12 a year or something.


I think he means something like this


No, more like how it is when you click on your notifications, but permanent on the sidebar. I find myself looking for a lot of threads, and accidentally clearing my notifications. Instead of clicking and getting a dropdwon, you’d have it on a sidebar and arrange-able.


not sure this script has something like that, and I’m not actually up to create it myself :smiley: Btw, there’s a “show all notifications” button at the bottom of what you showed in your image, I use that a lot as it’s a little more clear, it won’t be always on the right hand side though.