MP's Adnan is everywhere!

So my team Feyenoord is finally the Dutch soccer champion again! It was 18 years ago…

150.000 people where at the celebration:

It’s a tradition that the players will show the price on the city hall for all the fans. And you never guess what happend! WTF!!!

@Adnan was there too…

(ok. i have shitty photoshop skills, but it’s just the idea of showing my respect to @Adnan and the MP team!


Yeaah i was there btw i am not a Feyenoord supporter.
I love Amsterdam more.


haha lmao

Congrats with Feyenoord. They deserved it

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Congrats to Feyenoord! :smiley: I hope you’ll have great success in Champions league next year :slight_smile: unlike my favorite team which probably won’t play it, well, unless they beat your rivals in Europa League finals.

BTW, that’s not photoshop. :smiley:


Filannie’s last game and to come on and score the winner in the last 10 min, you heard it here first :wink:

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