Mpsocial forum is really so so slow

Mpsocial is rising star forum. But the tech guy behind this forum is not really good. Plz improve the speed of forum. Its fking slow if compare with bhw or warriorforum.
Anyone agree qith me?

Loads pretty fast for me.
Try improving your internet speed.
Guessing from your name you are asian,maybe its because of server location,seems to be working fine for Europeans.


I disagree, it’s really fast for me. Discourse is a very lightweight system, so I assume there’s an issue on your end.

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Loads fast for me. Never had a problem.

im from Asia, and im sure with you guys its so laggy.

Loads perfectly fine for me, never had an issue

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Loads well for me too… also, blaming the programer behind the site just like that seems a bit too much, in my opinion.


you do know that in Europe and Asia, bandwidth was cut to reduce congestion because of COVID. Another thing is why blame the site programmers for a commercial product? Instead of suggesting to get new programmers, I suggest you get faster data speeds. Even with a low-end I3, 4 gigs I am using to write this – it sure loads quick.


I cannot believe this comment…

This forum is built on Discourse, a very robust platform used for many other important sites today.
You cannot blame any tech dept for the speed that YOU are experiencing.
A reasonable person would ask first to the members before being so rude, even in your language.
@minh_tuan_nguyen do you understand???


I can share same results - forum is SUPER FAST!

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can you try adding the link to this thread here : and share the printscreen of what you get?

forum should easily handle 10 times the traffic it gets now so I don’t see any issues with it…

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The forum is amazing, it cannot be more amazing… actually, it’s the fastest website in the world! :hugs:

This forum is built on Discourse, so i just suggest admin look around the server.
and 100 score on GG speed mean nothing. Speed mainly depend on server and CDN.
and ONE MORE thing is:
Its just my opinion. I dont blame anyone. Just want to give an advice for improving this forum. Thats it.

well it depends how you actually give the advice and how it is perceived…but regardless, do test your speed and post the results.

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this is what i got from me:

This is F12 disaple cache:

anyone can create a website in a server can understand the technical number in the pic, and sr for my language, english is not my native english

I have terrible wifi right now and mpsocial still runs great for me. US guy here. So it’s definitely on your end @minh_tuan_nguyen

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yes maybe, so i think this topic should close here, we should not take lot of time to talk about this :))

WOW no idea where are you from! but your comment is very clear, you are blaming and also insulting. “ts fking slow”

My friend go to other “faster forum”!! and pay for a decent internet access.

dude, dont care much about the way people talking, focus on the technical side, and you are nothing, so dont tell anyone go to anywhere. ok :))