Mpsocial is pretty damn cool

If I were to say that mpsocial is the place that changed many people’s lives for the better I think no one would be there to argue.
Every one of us, as a member of the community, sharing our questions, answers and insights are making it just a little bit better place to be every day.

Some people are just too shy to create a new thread to ask a silly question, isn’t it time to create some sort of a group where everyone could just chat?

Of course, we have to understand that the owners of this forum are also businessmen after all, and they want their forum to bring more customers ( be indexed by google)

My suggestion would be creating a real-time chat inside the forum and saving everything that’s being said in the chat to new topics , let’s say categorised by day. So no information is lost, and everyone can look it up.

I’m pretty sure @Johnny and @Adnan has definitely had such thoughts, so please let me know what you think! :metal:


Nice idea! I agree that it’s changed lives :slight_smile:

I thought the meetups were there just for this purpose? The live-chatting factor.

But those don’t happen every day or week. So I’d love to hear how the rest of the community thinks about this.

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Yea that would be great idea, it could be something similar to what reddit uses for subreddit chat rooms.

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I’d be interested as well

We host meetups on discord every now and then, and to be honest, not many people are interested in chatting, they’re more into reading or listening what couple of others have to say.

Aside from that, if everything will be saved, then why just not create topic Chat here and chat as much as you want :slight_smile:
It’s not a big difference except you don’t have a list of everyone who is online. You can even see when someone is writing in real time :slight_smile:


Haha, interesting idea, however I think the problem is that not many of us are on at the same time. After all a what we’re doing here is basically a delayed chat :slight_smile:

What we could do is try and hold a “meeting” at a certain point in time in only a certain thread - and see how that goes. Say tomorrow at 12:00 everyone is online and we talk inside a thread about everything and anything…

How would everyone feel about that?