MS 1500 $ budget (3 months)


I´m thinking to hire someone to do MS in my travel accounts.

Do you think that 1500 $ budget is enough for 50 accounts during 3 months?


No, that’s definitely not going to cover it for M/S in 2020. Some people were discussing pricing back in July Need a great Mother/ Slave service Provider! but prices are going to be higher than that in 2020

I do fairly well believe that 10$/account/month is absolutely possible.

I doubt anyone of quality is going to be willing to do that. I could be surprised, though.

All those accounts need proxies which is going to cost money. Let alone JV license and VPS

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These days try not to rely on “price/slave” but more on the “price/followers”.

Depending on the slaves quality, you might get from 0.5 to 5 followers per day per slave, so price/slave is irrevelant.

Expect to be 0.5$/follower, nowadays.

Not enough in my opinion, not if you want to do it right anyway

That means you’re willing to pay 500$ for 1000 followers a month?


Not me. But my clients yes ; look around, most of the M/S providers died & Instagram is cutting reach and ER like it never happened before. Thus, the demand is so high that we can’t keep up with it. On top of that, it has become way more expensive than it used to,

So yes, these are the current prices around. On top of this, when you’re smart with your M/S strategy, you’re bringing value not only with an audience boost, but with a business boost for the clients.

More $$ for them, also. Win-Win game :upside_down_face:

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Where are these prices anyway? You can -in my opinion- achieve 1000 a month at 500$ reasonably on Ads.

@Parliament Off-topic mate

And well, you can’t compare followers quality from ads & M/S

Youre suggesting followers from ads are generally worse than M/S? I completely disagree.

Not generally, they actually are. If they aren’t, then it’s a poor M/S targeting…

  • M/S : hundred of filters.
  • Ads : way less

Won’t go more in-dept this off-topic,

@hckseo There are a few providers on this forum for M/S, you can definitely hit them up, but as i said before, expect it to be more expensive than simple F/U !


The targeting for the Facebook/Instagram Ads is insanely good. They are using AI to optimize the ads, that’s why in my opinion nothing can beat their targeting.

The problem with Instagram Ads is that the price per follower can get quite high when you are targeting Tier 1 audience. That’s something that a lot of people don’t talk about. What’s the point in targeting world wide when you have a business in US or Europe?

Also there isn’t something like a follow button (like Facebook Ads have a “Like Page” Button).

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It’s possible but very unlikely to get something producing quality or reliable results can do that. I have one client I do at that rate but she’s been a long time friend. My normal starting rates are significantly higher and all the m/s colleagues I know are even higher than I am in costs.

Exactly this. Ad targeting gets extremely pricey for tier 1 to get solid results. If you don’t mind untargeted results you can pad your follower count but ultimately it will hurt the account in general with relevancy and engagement. If you’re going to spend that kind of money for random followers then you might as well simply buy fake followers for a bigger return.

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1.5k in shoutouts would probably be more efficient than ads and m/s.

@Parliament There are pros and cons for each method. It depends on the niche and for me I believe nothing compares to M/S. At the end of the day, you can’t target a competitor or a specific user with Facebook ads and that doesn’t work for my niche.

Do you think that 1500 $ budget is enough for 50 accounts during 3 months?

@hckseo Unfortunately, I don’t think you can get M/S with that budget in this day and age.

Are you still looking for M/S provider at that price point? DM me if you are.